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Posted at 3/11/2011 04:20:00 PM
I want a DSLR D: haiz
hahaha. Today is the last day of exams :D and it ended with Biology and PJK woots Holidays here I come >:) but my holidays are soooo pack ;O wtf
‎*put up all 10 fingers*
[left hand]
- pinky finger ; saturday i go concert ♥
- marriage finger ; sunday i maybe go out :p
- mlm ; monday i tuition at night :3
- pointy ; tuesday i’m free xD
- thumb ; wednesday i go tuition at night :3
[right hand]
-thumb ; thursday i go tuition at noon :3
- pointy ; Friday i got TLS, seminar
- mlm ; Saturday I got TLS whole day D:
- marriage finger ; Sunday I got TLS also whole day some more D:
- pinky ; school wtf
hahah x) but at least I’ll have a lot of things to blog about. ahhh not to mention the so-therr-many-homeworks my add maths teacher gave. D: haa. i got 48 for add maths. not bad, not bad. xD my first time pass add maths ;DD but i know i can do better . LOL and for chemistry ;( my first time get below 20 wtf. my chemist teacher said i fail dramatically D: she even advised me not to give up on chemistry and not to drop it. LOL. i really can’t manage it ;( hmmpphh
So anyways, me and Catherine been begging a boy in class to tell us who’s his new gf :D but he kept on saying, tomorrow i tell, tomorrow i tell. wtf. but finally today :D awww he showed us by giving a goodbye kiss on her cheeks. awww. damn. jealous. i want . xD so i go and kissed Catherine on the cheeks :D 2nd time i kiss a girl ==” first is accidentally D: #idontwannatalkaboutit TT
Oh yeaaa, Thank God it’s Friday ;D tonight imma go to bed early cause my week is sooo going to be tired, O.O oh yeaaaa x)
oh2, shorty came back ;D he said, he said, lol. naaa. he just ask me to grab whatever opportunities that comes :)
Updates :: OH NO ! 8.8 magnitude earthquake at Japan. My friend said earthquake then tsunami D: wtf and New Zealand, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, Russia, China, Hawaii had already receive a warning alert. wtf and people is already starting to believe 2012 neuu have faith guys :( okeii so maybe we’ll dai. TT haiz
Ouch. You hurt my pride when you asked me whether I like you or not ==” i don’t keii wtf :(
Moral-of-the-story; Never online for more than 5 hours on a laptop during a hot day. It gives you headache. or at least, it gives me a headache TT
Dhaaaaa =]

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