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  Tomorrow’s Leader Summit
Posted at 3/18/2011 11:49:00 PM
Part I : Gala Dinner :)
Venue: Borneo Convention Centre Kuching(BCCK)
*Remember Tomorrow Leader Summit from my previous post? It’s today. Tomorrow and Sunday :D*


I came a little too early just now. HAHA it’s all my parents fault for wanting to go against the Malaysian Prime Rule of Not being punctual. xD But yeaa, I was alone :( and I waited there for a few 10 minutes until Norman and Fahriee approach me :D never been happy. LOL. then come, Elisha and Mel, Faisal, and Sherrie :)

I snack on chips and drank a few cups of carbonate juices wtf.

Then I saw her and I was like, isn’t that Faradhiya? :P the antagonist in Spa Q , HAHA yeaa it’s her :) damn she make me look D: wtf

After a long acceptable wait, we finally got our passes :)) YAY and we enter and we sat at the back table D: sooooo far from the stage wtf.

Our file that contains…

The workshop information, our tags, magnet and Starbucks vouchers *wink*

Our menu :)

I sat with Sherrie, Irene and Fahriee. Okeii actually with a bunch of awesome bloggers-whom-i-dont-know-their-names but I only talk a lot to Sherrie and Irene :) –SHY WTF-

The arrival of Pehin Sri Taib Mahmud, Chief Minister of Sarawak and his wife whom-i-so-no-shame-want-to-take-photo-with wtf :P

so anyways, after Pehin Sri was seated, we were told to move to the front table. Also known as the “Ahli Ahli Terhormat” table. EYERRR :D since when I naik pangkat? :3

And this is like how close we were to the stage :P

Oh! then it was speech time :)

First speech was given by Mr Nordin Abdullah, the organiser for TLS :)

Then it was speech time from Pehin Sri Taib Mahmud :)

And during his speech, I keep making trips to the bathroom D: wtf to much carbonate drinks =.= But I manage back just in time to see him receiving his token of appreciation :P

LOL. :) His wife got a present too! Nice :)

After that, is the part where we all love the most :) Food Time :D damn I’m gaining weight, I should stop eating liao wtf

Soto Ayam Madura

Nyums :D

From chicken to anti-clockwise, Udang Goreng Berkunyit, Lo Han Vegetable, Stir Fried Slice Beef, Ikan Masak Lemak Cili Padi, Tauhu Telur Masam Manis.

wait. where’s my ayam madu D: wtf i didn’t eat that is it?! D: RAWR nevermind =.=

And for desert we had, Cream Caramel with mix fruit compote :) and it tasted so delicious :D wtf

Oh yeaa, we had cultural performances too :)


And then suddenly this guy come stand beside me, and I was like err? keii. and took a photo of him :D then suddenly he pulled me to the stage O.O wtf hahaa. then he asked me to take the blowpipe, those dayaks always use to hunt animals with, he asked me to blow it.

Okeii so anyways, he asked me to aim the balloon and pop it. But I failed D: not-good-at-aiming-wtf :( then I think on the 3rd try he went all haiya-this-girl-useless-no-talent-dont-know-aim than go push me nearer wtf D: lucky when nearer I can shoot the balloon if not wtf D: HAHA i siasoi my fellow iban lehh :PP

Oh then, they gave me two of these little hut banks :D (piggy bank) :P but I donated one to Cyril. Haha Sherrie even made a joke saying that Cyril should go put it as a prize for contest or limited gifts. :P

The dinner ended earlier than expected, like an hour plus earlier :P program said going to be back at 11pm, but the dinner ended almost 9.30pm :)

Front: Sherrie, me and Irene :) Behind: Fahriee, Cyril, Robs(i think) :D

Tomorrow Leader Summit is all about shaping leaders from the scratch and I’m so happy to be given this opportunity. Hopefully I’ll be a Datin one day :D hahaha. now wouldn’t that be something :)

I texted Delson before the event and told him I was nervous and alone, he said, “Don’t be nervous have confidence in yourself. Their just a bunch of people like you(bloggers)” LOL okeii. :PP i don’t know whether that’s a good thing or not. :P

Moral-of-the-story; Stick to your buddy, they know best ;)

Dhaaaaa =]

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