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  Tomorrow’s Leader Summit
Posted at 3/19/2011 11:17:00 PM

group photo by willie

Front row: from left, willie, irene, me and sherrie. Back row: from left, Elisha, Mel, DUDE, Angel and David Hoe :)


Part II : Second day ; Keynote speeches, workshops

Venue : Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK)

*Read part I here*



I arrived just on time today and Cyril asked to exchange passes from delegates to media and I have never felt so important :D *future reporter ftw


Inside the hall :)


Angel, Amy, Professor Douglas Osheroff and me :) Professor was like, “oh boy my wife’s gonna be jealous” :PP haha~


Professor Douglas gave his keynote speech on how the world is with science, and he showed various nobel prize, researchers.


He even showed us his family photo and wedding photo :D He told us that he works best at 2.40am, AM in the morning :O Fortunate for him that his wife is also a professor, so they are equally busy and not at the same time. p/s he said their only free time spend together was on 4am til 12pm LOL.



Us. From left, Tasha, Sherrie, Angel, me and Kiu.

After Professor’s speech, we had our breakfast where I ate like a lot because I didn’t eat breakfast D: and I never have felt so regret in my entire food life TT I ate more than 5 sandwiches, and 2 plate of delicious penang kueh tiaw D: ftw


Then “YB Norman” brought YB Larry Sng to us and we chatted a while with him :) he told us that his surname wasn’t “Sng” but “Soon” :PP ahahaha~


YB Larry and “YB Norman” :DD



Then Datuk Seri Najib wife’s Datuk Amar Rosmah Mansor and all the Datin’s came as guest of honour. (no-shame-face-want-take-photo-with-them) :D


Datuk Amar gave her speech, and I felt really motivated by her words :) HAHA and I really concentrated during her speech :D then I felt like talking to her, so I texted my dad during her speech asking him to give me some questions to ask :P and there’s one question “How does she keep herself fit?” and I was like HURR what time of question is that =.= suddenly she said, “I came late because I went to the gym before to keep fit and young to meet you young people so I’ll feel young” :P


Datuk Amar receiving her token of appreciation =]

Oh! I manage to take photo with Datuk Seri Najib’s wife, Datuk Amar Rosmah Mansor and Pehin Seri Taib Mahmud’s wife, Datin Ragad Waleed :D (respectively)

with pm's wifewith cm's wife

When I un-shame-ly approach Datuk Amar to asked her for a photo together, she looked at my tag, and said, “MEDIA ALSO WANT TO TAKE PHOTO?! xD then everyone laugh :P

After that was lunch time =.= wtf so fast. And my tummy never got the chance to digest finish :( and I couldn’t eat much, only ate cakes wtf and drank braised sea asparagus and crab meat soup :P



After that, me, Sherrie and Kelly walked around looking at the educational booths outside. :P then I saw this one booth, Akademi Sains Malaysia booth, they got this mini contest, Sudoku :P and I did it under 15 minutes and won a 4gb pendrive :D ftw


Oh yeaaaa :D OH GREAT, now I have so many pendrives around =.= HAHA


After that, we went separate ways to the workshops of our choice. My first workshop was Leadership and the speaker was David Hoe :) AWESOME SINGAPORIAN DUDE :D and I really felt so motivated, and so RAWR in conclusion I really enjoyed his workshop :)


Oh btw, I went to this workshop with sherrie :)

me and david

me and david. (photo credits to Rodz)

I wished I could share on blog what I heard on today workshop but I would be to boring :( HAIZ wtf + + I don’t want to share my knowledge handed down from various kinds of professional :D

After Leadership, I went to Tv Journalism and the speaker is from Cube, NTV7, Grace Ng :P


Grace is a really friendly person :D and although she is someone famous, she acts like a normal person :P Before she starts her workshop, she saw that I was cold >< LIKE WTF COLD >< she borrowed me her scarfs :D and Cyril was like, “Keep it permanently and tell people it’s Grace Ng’s one” :P then he even said I was lucky. LOL maybe :)

during grace ng

Irene, me and Cyril :)

Grace’s workshop was like having a test :P she asked us to write down in 5 minutes, what do we see ourself in 5 years later :P and this is what I wrote :)


Hopefully all this dreams will be achieve :D Pray for me :PP

Then I had to leave early :’( AWWWWWWWW

In conclusion, today is fun, hopefully tomorrow, the last day, will be funner :D I’m so glad I got this opportunity :))



Moral-of-the-story; Don’t be too greedy :PP

Dhaaaa =]

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