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  Tomorrow’s Leader Summit
Posted at 3/20/2011 07:06:00 PM

Part III : Borneo Youth Declaration

*Part I and Part II*



It all started with the agree-ing and disagree-ing of the Borneo Youth Declaration draft :O Sherrie stormed up and said that the draft was made without our consent even tho they said it was. And yes, it wasn’t. They said made all the drafts based on our comments in during the workshops. wtf =.= all I learned was what I wanna be in 5 years time. HAHA :) she even said that some people only wanted the thing to end, so they blindly do whatever it is. and even tried to calm sherrie with the sarcasm tone =.=!!


we then spent the next 2 hours discussing on what we want in the declaration. Oh btw, my team consisted on me, Sherrie, Mel, Elisha, Prez, and 3 Nepalians. HAHA I kept on asking the Nepalians to translate words for me.

RAWR. at the same time, I feel a lot guilty for unable to give in my ideas cause I didn’t have any :( i’m blank. T.T am sorry Sherrie :(




Oh yeaa, Sherrie’s going to be famous :D NTV7 and Astro wanted to interview and find her :D awesome. and I’ll be friend-ing with someone famous :D *flip hair* XD

overall, i’m still happy for this event :) especially the 2nd day :)


p/s i got a quarter of the thick book for Starbucks vouchers :D woot :D

Moral-of-the-story; Eat before you attend something :)

Dhaaaa =]

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