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  Trip to the park
Posted at 3/27/2011 06:17:00 PM

I just got back from the park with my buddy, Delson and my long lost friend Vun Lim. :D FYI we walked there since it was near :)

At first, it was only me and Delson but I figure, won’t that be boring? So we went to Vun Lim house and I texted him saying that we were outside and we wanted to go out with him. Haha :)


Delson, me and Vun Lim. x)

We went chillin at the nearby coffee shop first, I like that place :) it’s cosy and quiet :D hahaha~


Delson, me, Vun Lim

Then I feel like pee-ing. well, actually, I felt like pee-ing even before going out, but had to hold it in since my toilet no toilet bowl –.- renovation LOL then after drinking one tall glass of wheat grass milk, I really need to go. So we went to the public toilet, but the girls toilet was closed D: wtf so I need to use the boys toilet =.= HAHAHAHAHAHA we were all laughing our asses off after I got out. what to do. Desperate calls for desperate measure x) then got this one dude on the way to the toilet, i bet he was like thinking wth that girl go inside boys toilet xDD


Me and Vun Lim. He likes to take picture like that xD


The wind was so omwtfnice :)

Then we go buy chips at Uni Shop and eat it at the park. Haha. everytime i go park, I always eat, not exercise. xD people go park to lose weight, I go park to gain weight. HAHA :)


I asked Vun Lim to shooed the kids cause I wanna play swing. HAHA ;D

Oh then, I feel like disturbing people so I go text this one dude, same tuition like me. I always disturb him in tuition x) HAHA but he never reply me bo wtf. then just right after I sent the text, Delson said, “You know me and Justine ever tell him you like him” and i was like “WTF” D: dh la i sent “hey sexy” to him. wtf imagine if he knows it’s me and he thinks I really really like him. EFF. T.T later i wanna reload and scold bad word to Justine >x)


After chillin we go back home :) haha x)


Last night I went to some DVD shop cause I feel like watching  a good movie after earth hour. then who knows, I went home with a DVD(Letter to Dad) and 2 phone numbers XD hahahah!


This is what I did during earth hour :)) HAHA



I dragged Delson to school yesterday to help me with the PIBG stuff. x) a girl was practically noticing him out, and I was like HAHAHHAHA my ass off :3 then after that, my parents picked us up,and after sending him home, my mum was like, “He seems like a nice guy.” she’s trying to imply something =.= and I was like, “NO HE ALREADY GOT GIRLFRIEND!” then my dad was like, “Heii don’t steal people boyfriend ar. Got so many other boys around” and I was like, “err study first” XD


Baby I’m addicted and I’m out of control, for you’re the drug that keeps me from dying. Baby I’m a liar but all I really know is your the only reason I’m trying. When you lie next to me, love is all that mean to me and it’s beautiful. Everything is real to me till I hear reality and I lose it all.   

- Addicted;Enrique Iglesias


Moral-of-the-story; Ladies first :)

Dhaaaa =]

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