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  What are words :)
Posted at 3/04/2011 05:28:00 PM
What are words–Chris Medina ♥ when it's love, yeah, you say that them out loud, those words, they never go away, they live on even when we're gone. ♥

This song is so love. :)

The guy is one of the participant in American Idol 2011 if I’m not mistaken. haha. I don’t watch American Idol :P but yeaa. This song is touching and he dedicated it to his ill girlfriend. Awwww :’)

Some day, I too want a boyfie who would sing for me and upload it on Youtube. wouldn’t that be awesome :D haha. i’m thinking/dreaming to much again =.=


I already bet last week that this week would be a really tiring day and yes indeed it is :( THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY TODAY :D Last night I slept like early till I didn’t do any of my homework –.- Lucky teacher didn’t check otherwise dai loe. :33 This morning Husna was discussing about demerits, and she told me she got 35 demerits :O wtf. haha. 15 more and she’ll be suspended from school. wtf. teachers this days love to give demerits points to discipline students =.= don’t they know that we have other more things to do than just your homework. wtf. haha. okeii la. actually i have no problem in doing my homework, just sometimes they over give till needa do till midnight. D: haha. teachers should understand that we students have lack ability on how to manage our time and we just love to procrastinate. xDDD

ahahha. i don’t know what i just said :P

So anyways, this morning, me and Cass did our English aural together =] and we practiced so much that I still remember it. :D


Pris: HEY CASS! I just bought an Ipad.

Cass: Oh cool. Didn’t you just bought an Iphone last year? and isn’t an Iphone and an Ipad the same only it’s different in size?

Pris: NOOOOOOO. An Iphone and an Ipad are two different things. An Iphone is like a smartphone and an Ipad however is like a mini laptop.

Cass: Then why don’t you buy a mini laptop instead? it’s much more pricey.

Pris: Cass, Cass. Haven’t you heard of the saying, “Keeping up with the Jonasses” ? I have to keep up with the trend. And the trend now is to buy Apple Products.

Cass: Yeaa. Apple Products is expanding it’s franchise. From a Ipod, to an Iphone, to an Ipad. And I heard that soon they’ll be making an Ipad 2. And people will try to keep up with the trend by buying it!!

Pris: Don’t be so negative Cass. An Ipad is quite handy. Especially for businessman. It’s like one office in a gadget for them.

Cass: Yea. You are right. The game producers are sure earning a lot from producing loads of entertaining games just for the Apple Products.

Pris: Yes. and it is also quite easy to use. Even my 5-year-old niece knows how to use it.

Cass: But every thing has it’s own virtue and flaws. The Ipad is an easy target for thieves right now. Thieves want to keep up with trend to you know.

Pris: That is why we must be very careful not to show it off to much. Besides that, we need to buy the apps using AMERICAN DOLLARS !!

Cass: Ouch. that must be hard on the wallet.

*alarm rings*

Cass: What’s that sound?

Pris: Oh. it’s just my alarm reminding me to show my Ipad off to you.

Cass: well, aren’t you a little early for that?

*alarm rings*



I hope I don’t procrastinate to finish my to-do-list like last week. xDD

Well, nothing much today :P as usual. Go school, laugh, talk, eat, back from school. oh yeaa! after school my dad took us along to the PKR meeting at the PKR office. :P and i fell asleep just listening to them talking. xD GOSH. how to be reporter like this =.= can’t even stay awake during a press conference :33


My second account is in an open-relationship with JHH :O and by open, it means anytime can delete >:)

Pictures of you, Pictures of me, Reminds us all of what we used to be.  

Moral-of-the-story; A broken mirror is not to be fix. Same as a broken relationship are not meant together.

Dhaaaa =]


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