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  April Fool :D
Posted at 4/01/2011 05:25:00 PM

It’s that time of the year where you’re allowed to fool people :D and I think I pretty much fooled a lot of people today :P boii, thinking of a good prank is really hard =.= but at least my acting is way better than past years :))

This morning when I entered class, Catherine come up to me and told me, “Pris. You got bring ar? Today got spotcheck” and I was like, “HUH! I GOT BRING BO. Why you didn’t tell me! I got text you bo this morning” and she was like, “I didn’t see” :S then suddenly apek say, “Pris. April Fool” then I curse them. hahaha. :S I really shock ba. wtf. cun the day I bring, cun got spotcheck wth. Lucky don’t have. xD


Then I went April Fooling myself x)


Early morning edy, I text Delson, I asked him, “what if I go back with chung” he said, “then I don’t want talk you anymore” then I say, “I go back liao” then he lecture me wtf. xD then I say April Fool x) then he tried April Fooling me, but it didn’t work. xD


oh, after Catherine april fooled me, I go revenge >x) “Catherine, you know, last night Shorty text me. we talk, talk, talk, suddenly he say, he like me bo! want me his girlfriend.” then apek was like, “not he April Fool you?” then I answer, “how can? oh oh I accept leh” hahaha. Then suddenly, “Btw, April Fool” :) then they all cheah me xD


I use the same prank on Cheng. xD she say with serious face, “Huh I thought he got gf liao?” then I say, “I also don’t know. But I just accept nia” I bet she was thinking, wth is this girl thinking. xD haha. Then I told her April Fool. She curse me. haha wtf :PP


Then I go Tony class. xD he always wanted to know who is MC ex ba. So just now, before I go in class, I called him, he come out, then I asked him whether he wants know who is her ex ma? he say yea he want. Then I say, “what if I say is the guy sit beside you is her ex?” then he like, do the wtf face at me. xD the he say, “peeee ar !” hahaha. Then I say April Fool. he do the wtf face again xD then he like wanna kill me only :D


The last prank I did was on my BM teacher. :) but she said, “jangan kasi saya pening ar!” FAIL D:


But i like the Cheng class do to their EA teacher. xD they told the teacher that the teacher gave a memo to do EA at the computer lab. haha. then the teacher was like, “SAPA JUAL NAMA SAYA” wtf :D



Friday Friday FRIDAAAYYY, getting down on Friday :3


Anyways, today I go back late x) me and Cheng went for Leo Club, then we go 101 meet Fook :D and haolian self at Prawn fishing centre. wtf xD hahaha. oh2, Fook scare want to come at first, he scare we ditch him xD he scare we leave him at 101, scare we April Fool him. Hahaha funny :D

Fook owes me a keychain though, NO CHENG I DON’T CARE IS WHOSE FAULT. xD fook la, who ask him to have the same body shape like that dude in the dvd shop, some more say he at dvd shop =.= I go and scream in front of the dvd shop wtf then found out it’s not him T.T I shy. HAHA. LOL. everytime I say, “I shy” people will say, “You can shy meh?” so bad la them xDD I also can shy baa. erm, :D


Cheng and Fook :))

Cheng asked me not to post the picture leh. Then she blackmail me say want unfollow my blog, sweat. xD if you unfollow, later I login your blog and follow back :D


Then we 3, like crazy talk about so many things. :D ahahhahaha!


1 hour plus at there, then suddenly need to go back. LOL then when in the car, I realize my brown Animob bag lost! wtf. left at the coffee shop T.T so I text fook, ask him go take. It’s on the road D; and I think my dad car or some other random car squash the keychain cause the keychain lose and the zip broken, </3 unless some beggar come and steal it wtf =.= lucky my money still got. HAHA then fook say he’ll come to my house and send it, and I got it back YAY :D



“ Life is imperfect. We will be discontented if we look for perfection in everything.

So accurate with my blog address and how I look at life. This is so true :) I got it during Leo meeting x) awesome kan?



It’s been a while since I posted a cam-whore photo of myself :D

Moral-of-the-story; Wash your hands before you eat ==

Dhaaaaaa =]

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