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Posted at 4/10/2011 01:58:00 PM

My 2nd vlog failed to covert which makes me wanna @$%#^$%#$@#$ T.T haiz. and my blogging mood has decrease too! just because of this. wtf don’t know what happen. maybe the vlog just happens to hate Delson :( oh2, he went to my house yesterday, heee. We played dota for like 3 hours freaking straight! we didn’t eat lunch, nor pee. xD wtf. then I forced him to make a vlog with me. :D but the vlog fail. HAIZ. i’m going to buy books to find out what’s the problem. until then, stay tune ;)


So anyways, on 8 April Jeff got a new x10. on 9 April, the next day, fifi got a new x10. wtf and they both cried for it. looks like i really need to cry if I want something. xD haha


The story goes like this. I’ll skip the part where she cried. but move on to the part where I practically embarrass myself in front of lengzai xD so anyways, I bought my brother x10 for RM490, but little did I know, that the next shop sells it RM480. and the next shop sells it for RM470. and the next shop sells it for RM460. and the next shop sells it for RM450. wtf. it’s like the next-er I go, the cheaper it is. by RM10. lol. and each time I asked, I laugh at the shopkeeper. wtf was I thinking? –.- oh yeaa! I was thinking, wtf each shop I go it decrease. haha. so mumy went to the shop that sells it for RM470. then I dragged her away, xD and the shopkeeper was like urgh. and I thought she bought at the place where Jeff bought his. wtf  oh2, so in the end mum got a discount for RM460 and everybody is happy. :D

Then mum was like, “err you want to get a discount, you must act like you don’t wanna buy” wtf xD


Pictures ;)


My boyfriend of the night :D


My 2nd boyfriend of the night :D


My sister and me :)


tumblr_love potion

Whoever bullies my little siblings, or hurt my family members, or my friends, has to destroy the wall I build for them.



This is me taking a picture of myself taking a picture of myself :D

So this morning, my parents and I were late to church O.O and before going to church, we had to sent my sister off to her church. (note: we go to different churches). so my dad was like taking the next short cut, but the next short cut failed him. HAHA. like there wasn’t any short cut. and he was like “never trust a short cut” HAHA so the…..

Moral-of-the-story; is to never take a short cut even if it means time.

Dhaaaaa =]

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