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  Friends matters
Posted at 4/07/2011 04:53:00 PM

I’m here to emphasize on my previous post cause I couldn’t leave the friendship thing short wtf –.- and also I wanna speak out on what has been going really through my life now :)


So anyways, last night me and my little sister had a talk. and it’s called the “sister talk” :) though i think she doesn't know it, but i care for her and I don’t want her to get hurt. So part of what I told her is, “You should get a guyfriend. Cause guys who are close with you are going to be with you no matter what. You know why? because guys, do not have feelings. I mean like, let us see the female specimen. Females, we get jealous, we get over-emotional, over-excited, we’re heaps of things. Guys, however, they don’t care as long as their happy” . But then , when I think over the things I told my sister, I realize she’s only 12, and perfect gentlemen doesn’t really exist at the point of age. HAHA.


Yesterday, I was like stalking my ex profile, I know, I know, I shouldn’t have been doing that but trust me, I’m over him :) heee. Stop being so-delson-niee. XD so anyways, I was stalking, stalk stalk stalk, then I saw that he posted an emo status xP and I commented there, “OMG YOU HAVE FEELINGS!” haha. I’m mean –.- But I’m sure he’s slow to pick-up things :3 ahhahahhaa. >:)

So anyways, what I’m trying to imply here is, wtf WHO’S THAT GIRL THAT CHANGED HIM. yeaaa. I’m wondering my ass off :P if laughing my ass of is LMAO, then mine should be WMAO. xD so anyways I asked him who, he told me, it’s nothing. sweat. But I’m still guessing. I envy that girl cause all this while I was trying to changed him, but I failed and I back out. The same goes as last year, I tried to change my last year ex, but I failed and he back out. T.T all my ex seems to have happy endings after breaking up with me. <//3 sad.

So my point is, boys learn to really love someone when they find someone special. :) I know a guy who really loves his girlfriend. He used to like have different types of girls clinging on to him. Erm. Playboy, the world calls it. But then his 10th ex, he love her so much, he would cry for her whenever they fight. He even said that he shouldn’t have played all those girls, otherwise karma wouldn’t have strike him. I just hope now that girl will some how like erm, I don’t know stop torturing him? Or maybe erm. nothing la. it’s nothing. :)


Which reminds me! I did something really stupid back home just now wtf. I said something I shouldn’t have, I mean it should have been a joke, but it turn out into a bad timing joke –.- LOL. hope nobody goes spreading rumours. haha. :P

So… that’s my lifee now so far :) if you notice it all has to do with boys, it’s cause I don’t have friendship problems with girls cause I don’t have that many girl close friends cause people can’t be trusted. You know You know. :P and as I said, boys don’t have any feelings :3 haha. they’ll either ignore you, treat you as a boy/friend, or over-playful with you. x) unless they’re in love with you, then they’ll treat you like woman and respect you :)


Harry is texting me now to go Dota. xD wtf

p/s I have no intentions to break some guys heart or anybody as that matters, when I said guys don’t have feelings, don’t take it to seriously :) TQ

Moral-of-the-story; Don’t go breaking your heart :D

Dhaaaa =]

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