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  Fully disappointed
Posted at 4/11/2011 06:03:00 PM


You don’t need the whole world to feel extra special, you just need one extra special person to make you feel like the world.


I am so disappointed with myself since yesterday =X

uhm, okeii la . I lied. I felt a lot better after having another problem yesterday evening. xD haha. Just because of one sentence that I feared my ex would tell me, I already feels so rawr. LOL. it’s not that I don’t welcome it, it’s just that, all hopes and dreams has suddenly crush into itty bitty pieces. LOL. okeii I exaggerated again =.= Actually I’m just fine. I just don’t understand why at times I can act so rushy without thinking and troubling everybody around me. I’M SORRY. :(

Cheng and me needed to buy something for someone. So I told her maybe we can asked my ex for help? so she told her boyfriend, to tell his bestfriend, my ex. Then my ex don’t want la. LOL. so I tell Cheng again, “Uiee. want bully seng?” :DD and she was like okeii2. then after I tell Seng, he on the way picked me, who knows that Cheng say she don’t want follow wtf. then who knows again! Seng bring Teck bo =.= LOL. then I told Seng, to picked Fook :P and at the same time, my ex was gonna pick him. ahaha I purposely wanna versus my ex, see who picked him first. But little did I know it was a starting of something bad =X

Then we go Cheng house :) and I started to feel so paiseh liao. T.T sorry la. I even texted Fook, Seng and Teck that I’m really sorry. and they were like, “why send to us three?” XD sweat. then got one time, bored ba didn’t talk in car, =# so I texted the three of them, “Talk something” and Seng and Teck in the front gossip about me =.=

When arrived Cheng’s house! I thought I could drag her out, but I couldn’t T.T well lucky I didn’t :D haha. otherwise will cause problems to her parents =.= not because I forced her out. LOL. but…… later la I tell.

After Cheng’s house, we go Jalan Song, ONeJaya there :) RAWR. Seng asked me faster cause he need to find his tauke after this. wtf. see make me feel so more the guilty. T.T

Okeii loe. I bought something at Regalo. other time I post on blog. :D it’s big omwtfcute too! okeii la not cute =.= Just Just . it’s not my taste but whatever la :P heee~

Then Seng send me, Fook and Teck home –.- wtf he bring Teck just to see me wtfwtf. LOL. Seng rich oil . xD

come back home, I thought I was gonna lose Cheng as my dear :’( but I didn’t. we still play rain this morning . :D


How’s school? School was fineee :D and now I’m sick =.= tummy pain for a few nights, continuously! and now I think I’m coming down with a fever =.= must be the rain D: HAIZ


Yeekay and me :D

i took this photo like ages ago(last-last week) , but I kept on forgetting to post in on blog =.= And everytime I stare at all the photos in my phone, and this photo comes to my screen, I’ll be like, CRAP FORGOT TO POST

xD hahaha yeaaass. All cam-whore photo must post on blog. :D


5 minutes don't seem to take a long time, unless it involves a microwave. D:

moral-of-the-story; procrastination is bad. :S

DHaaaa =]


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