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  Ghost Must Be Crazy
Posted at 4/24/2011 04:25:00 PM

Jesus died on the cross and after 3 days He’s finally resurrected. Yes, He died for our sins. Yes, He is risen, He is Risen indeed. Hallelujah. =]


I feel so emo before entering church today. And it went on until the moment Pastor prayed :’) I feel a burden has lifted and was away. Thank You God. Without You, I am nothing :’)


After church, me, fifi, jeff and Delson, we went to Spring, met up with Cassandra and her brother, to watch a movie :]

When I first arrived, my dad dropped us at the back entrance of Spring, and I was like, “crap. reminds me of my ex” then who knows, I saw my ex right there smoking. HAHA =.= at that moment I didn’t realize it, until I turn around to pose with the cosplayers :D btw, there were cosplay-ers there just now. don’t know for what event LOL but I love their hair :D

There were 5 cosplays, but only 2 agrees to take a photo with me. They’re so white and anime-ee D’: I envy LOL.

When we entered Spring, I saw that the Easter thingy was still there from last week. so I took a photo of it, :D

Isn’t it cute :’) I really wanna try eating posing with it :D I mean those easter eggs lol. below pictures are my little brother being gay :D He was forced to do it. hahaha. Dels was like, “ee why you so cruel force your brother take photo?!” xDD

After admiring the centre piece, we went to Food Bazaar =]

Delson already eat so only me and fifi and Jeff eat. While ordering, Cass and her brother come :D UHM,

I ate the Kuching famous Chicken rice and this time with 2 mini plates of kimchi ordered from the Korean section. I crave kimchi like a lot since my mother brought kimchi home from Korea. :P but then, I guess, the kimchi was too hot, I couldn’t taste the awesome taste of the chicken rice :( but #itsokey though cause I get to eat kimchi though I didn’t eat finish too which is a total sin and I REALLY feel guilty I mourn for it before leaving the table. Like seriously?! WHAT?! don’t believe ha? See picture below lo :P See I got lie or not. xD

I wasn’t laughing. I was mourning the leftovers of kimchi . xD HAIZ. if I know my sister don’t know how to eat kimchi, sure I order 2 mini plates of kimchi only. What a waste .____. (thrifty face)

My sister opted Korean Ramyeun noodles :)

I think the type of noodle they use to cook this is nice! It’s thick and savoury D’: it makes me wanna ordered it too! HUH. some other time :) I ate this once. LOL. they got it with cheese too! which is uhm, awkward? LOL. but then, I want Malaysian maggie noodle, thick like udon noodles too!

Jeff ate piza =]

The piza is so like so damn thin =.= No crust D’: and and oh! But the cheese is cheeserlicious la :) The cheese, when you take 1 slice of the piza, looks like pizza hut cheese. :P  though I hate piza’s especially with lots of cheese, I still prefer pizza hut. LOL

This is me, preaching Delson :D I call it, Pris being a priest ;’)


After food, we went straightaway to MBO, we were fighting over which movie to watch, even playing rock, paper, scissors, *facepalm* There were options like, Justin Bieber, errr don’t take me wrong I don’t hate JB, just that, watching a documentary of him for RM20, not worth it. LOL. I think 3D’s are suppose to be for animated movie like Rapunzel, oh! Rio can be in 3D motion pictures. But they don’t have it lol. Oh! there were also options like, Red Riding Hood, the poster look so boring. xD and people say it does. lol. and the last option was my option that is Ghost Must Be Crazy. =]

and so….. though I lose in rock, paper, scissors, we still watched Ghost Must Be Crazy :D and I bet nobody regrets it. cause it’s like errr. so funny I laugh want dai wtf :’D

Movie Review

"The Ghost Must Be Crazy" has two different stories entitled "The Day Off" and "The Ghost Bride". In "The Day Off", Ah Nan (John Cheng) and Ah Lei (Wang Lei) goes for their annual in-camp training and they meet a very "on" Platoon Commander. As they're about to play a prank on the Commander as a form of revenge for all the rigorous training they had to put up with, a series of strange things happen. In "Ghost Bride", Ah Hui (Henry Thia) who is unlucky in love meets a stranger, Ah Hai (Mark Lee), who promises him fortune and blessings if he seeks help from 'brothers and sisters' in the netherworld. Ah Hui does so and ends up finding a beautiful jade bangle inside a red packet. Soon after, Ah Hui strikes the lottery, but spends it all lavishly. Just when he is down in the dumps again, Ah Hai offers him another solution and something strange happens.

The story is super damn super li hai funny. Well, not that too funny la. I think Mr&Mrs Incredible is funnier. I don’t know la. xD This movie is a comedy mix horror movie :) it’s mostly funny though, but when there’s a surprising scene, YES THERE IS A SURPRISING PART TOO WTF D; I screamt ;( Y I DO THIS. T.T so embarrassing HAHA cause I happened to be the only one screaming. lol . I think the funniest part was the first part, The Day Off :) Ghost bride isn’t that funny. xD it was actually kinda boring at the first. and I even learned that, we called it Ipad, but the after life people called it Ione ;D and it’s build in with MiGhostSoft wtf :D

Altogether I rate this movie, 7/10 =]

I just love Singapore comedy ;)


After movie, we went walking around. LOL.

And I saw a mirror :D and I cam-whore. lol. I’m also promoting the shop, Kanebo International. lol . it’s a cosmestic shop :D

The we walked again =]

And I saw another mirror at that sports shop . shit I forgot the name liao. LOL but the mirror there is like super big you can’t resist cam-whoring or looking admiring at yourself :D

This is them playing table football :D LOL. cass in pink shirt. :3

Then we went to Apple Donut, last stroll before heading home. :) So long no eat Apple Donut. FINALLY

See that pink donut there, because Cass’s bro was eager to eat it, so that pink one has a bite, and I actually asked him to put it back cause I wanna take photo. and the empty slot? fifi take the donut ody =.= Greedy XD

Fifi big head eating donut. xD i took this photo actually cause I saw Delson and Cass behind there, URGH, I can’t point D’: but Cass is the one with the pink shirt, black jacket and long hear, Dels is being block by a little girl’s head. LOL. anyways, they were always together today :’) HAHA.


The Easter eggs from 2nd floor. Got children there play musical chairs :3 ARRRR I wanna play too :’( hahaha. :D

Yellow shirt is Jeff, and Cass bro being gay siting and sakai-ing on the elevator. *close face* xD


Cam-whore picture of me being cheesyy :’D

Moral-of-the-story; Chances are meant to be used not to be fooled around.

DHaaaaa =]

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