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  I love my friends
Posted at 4/03/2011 11:25:00 AM

I think yea, you’re better off alone around great people who loves to laugh.Cause their happiness would get transfer to you. That’s what happening to my life now though. No boyfriend to wait for at night, just great friends that would make me laugh my ass off. I have great friends like, Delson, Cheng, Catherine, Cassandra, Fook, Teck. etc These people make me laugh everyday. Though having a boyfriend beats it all, but you won’t get as much happiness as you get from you friends. :)

– An advice for my friend



I don’t wanna sound pathetic and sad at the same time and erm pity. but yesterday was my 1st anniversary with Jason :D though it’s been 8 months plus since he left, I still remember the first time of everything with him. Though those memories faded, but I’ll always remember the times how he’ll make me fall in love all over again. hee :)

That is so sad. xD

The other night, I texted him, and I found out he’s still with that girl he got after we broke up. Awwww. 8 months. :’) And that girl said that she used to hate him for his egoistic and hot-temperness but now he has change. It’s a pity it wasn’t me that changed him, but well, all is fair in love and war. LOL. does that even make sense? :D haha. i’m just glad he changed into someone better. at least it be less girls to get physically hurt by him. haha :D


Yesterday, I went to Cass’s house to shoot a movie on the novel, The Curse with my group members, Harry, LiKar, Chun Hua, Sylvester and Choon Zon. It was awesome, we had our laughs, and good times shooting the movie, but it all ended the moment when Harry camera suddenly died on us, damn he forget to bring his camera charger. LOL. haha. =.= but then it was still fun, after they all left, I get to spent some times with Cass. we called Lemon too! so the 3 of us hang out together. :D we watched tv together. then I played the keyboard. ahhaa. I had fun :)


Sweat wtf quality of photos taken by my wtf webcam :| me and Lemon. xD and below is Cassandra. :P she’s camera shy, I can never get to cam-whore with her wtf TT



Hahaha. Lemonade :)

I can play guitar, I have hidden talents :D but it went away, the moment I held the guitar :P hahahahaha.


Dady picked me up late yesterday cause he’s busy. So I used the chance to learn level 1 piano, xD envy those who can play the piano well. Imma learn it too. after spm LOL. wish I had started ages ago =.= I only have the thing to play the piano when I heard Beethoven piece last year. I guess Beethoven inspire me to learn to play the piano :)

My first attempt to play the piano xD

Though I wish I could play as good as Grace :)

Grace’s breath taking piano skills :)

I seriously envy the ones that could just learn the piano by listening to the keys and stuff. damn. haha x) Both Lemon and Grace had that ability, and both of them can play canon in D which I so much envy them wtf T.T


LOL. when I say I will bite you, I will :)

I need a piano tutor. haha xD the one that is patient, loving and caring, and erm the one that can stand any amount of bites from me. :D


Moral-of-the-story; When I say I do means I would. :)

Dhaaaa =]

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