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  & life beats a zero diamond
Posted at 4/22/2011 06:32:00 PM

I never tell anyone, but no matter how hard I try to feel the moon, I’ve always been secretly falling apart.


Senseless title –.- Cause I’m bored, and those & life beats a zero diamonds phrase just went into my head. xD

Today is the Good Friday :) and it’s also a school holiday so I won’t be having any school till Easter Monday :) wtf am I to do with my life! D: #nolife

For God so love the world He gave His one and only son and whoever believe in Him will live eternity. – John 3:16 

If you have been reading my twitter timeline cause you’re bored and have #nolife than you can see how a #nolife I have been last night and the whole day. #nolife wtf :)


If you have been following my timeline too, you must also know, that I’ve been heart pain-ing alone at Twitter cause Justin Bieber concert was last night, at KL !! and Cassie the Wong keep on increasing the painn when she updates on his moves during the concert, but it wasn’t as pain as my next door neighbour going there, updating live cause Cassie the Wong didn’t go. xD #belieber

*Plays Justin Bieber 2.0 album on Winamp*

I’m not a belieber but I gotta admit, his songs are awesome. Though he may not be as hot as Enrique Iglesias, I repeat, Enrique Iglesias hot hot hot, eh, uhm, I still admire Justin Bieber =]


Shit. I don’t know what to do with the rest of my 4 days holiday. (it maybe just 4 days but it’s a long way to go). and I keep on getting confuse between Friday and Saturday, so let’s TGIF, and sing FRIDAY FRIDAY GETTING DOWN FRIDAY :D I swear, I can never forget those lyrics =.= and the eerie auto-tune voice her. It just gives me goosebumps. xDD ahahhaa. well, at least it’s not some song that goes, “SANDWICH SANDWICH GETTING DOWN EATING SANDWICH. EATING WITH PEANUT BUTTER WITH JELLY. SLAPPING IT ON THE SANDWICH SANDWICH SANDWICH. YESTERDAY I ATE SANDWICH TODAY I STILL EAT SANDWICH, TOMORROW I’LL EAT SANDWICH AND THE NEXT IS MORE SANDWICH DAY!” ahahahha. I bet if she sings it that way, she’ll get more hater viewers :D uhm, I’m just grateful we all have a song to celebrate on the last day of the weekdays, TGIF!


So what did I do today besides tweeting my #nolife life out using x10, oh! Yeekay introduce me one website called, Cleverbot. It’s for #nolife people who need somebody to disturb talk to :) it acts like a real human, but it’s actually just a artificial intelligent thinking like a human robot. xD or maybe it’s a real human who more #nolife we also don’t know. anyways, I was being sappy and lonely, so I decided to play with it just now. but I didn’t take those screenshots. me and it was fighting ;DD and screenshots below are taken just a few minutes ago.


This it no fun. the afternoon it more fun cause easy to fight with. xD haha. I said I LOVE YOU to the afternoon it, the it says, “I tell you first, I got save everything in a log” LOL then it says it wanna leave me because it says I so annoying. Haiz. Should have print-screen that instead =.=

And yesterday, was reading Chessie's blog, and I found that can be my next tweet link where that site show you your future tweet. wtf. =.= and the English is so fail that it makes cleverbot really clever. xD

It sounded like: I’ll late listen to Go by Sean Kingston ft Nicki Minaj but –swear word insert- don’t let. wtf him. (it’s like saying uhm, somebody don’t let me listen to unknown Sean Kingston song)

It sounded like: Found out I’m about to die so I thought I’ll watch the evermost disgusting story calles caring, it’s a holiday. (T.T i’m about to die)

It sounded like: I’ll tweet positively and I shouldn’t wait under the rain for you to come UBAH Sarawak. (nice. xD)

It sounded like: I am sad. I wonder how are things when they’re no longer there. I shouldn’t be sappy. We live in (a world full with) love and that’s that! (so meee when I’m emo, +last part sounded like an advice :’) )


I’m fine. Trust me. I am. I don’t sleep late at night thinking of life and what to do with it. I don’t constantly check my phone to see if anyone special has texted. I don’t stare at my add maths teacher thinking of the past. I am okay :]



Haiz. Planned to go swimming, but plan cancel cause it’s the time of the month T.T

Moral-of-the-story; Knock before you enter. xD

Dhaaaaa =]

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