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  My brother’s birthday
Posted at 4/08/2011 10:31:00 PM

Ehem. My little brother’s birthday. 10th birthday =.= LOL


Before I touch on the tittle, Imma going to sing the FRIDAY FRIDAY GETTING DOWN ON FRIDAY SONG ;D cause it’s FRIDAY. weee :) TGIF. LOL.

Today I went back home late, cause I have ISCF, but then, after dady picked me up, he brought me along to the PKR manifesto press conference :P wtf. i shy :S ahahahha. Then I got back home,, oh2! i got deceive by yet another dude T.T whyy people this days like to deceive people onee wtf oh maybe cause the dude see me so naive like that. wtf. rawr. or maybe it has no intentions at all. :( rawr. either way, i don’t wanna text that deceiver anymore :S lol. we fought last night, and I got all emo and stuff T.T </3 and I realize, everytime I emo, I go find Tony. haha XD last night I told Tony, “my heart hurts. and I realize that everytime I emo I’ll find you. And judging from the times I find you, you can conclude that I’m always happy” :| okeii2, now I talk crap only :P

btw when I said I got deceive, deceive here actually means, he lied to me about something –.- some more he dare to flirt with me! wtf got gf still want flirt. naaaa LOL ahhhh I lost a nice hard to find text buddy. =X



Me & fifi

So anyways, just now we went to Pizza Hut to celebrate my little brother’s  birthday. haha. The youngest child in the family always gets everything good =.= If we fight, though it’s his fault, I’m the one who’ll always get scold by my parents. Like that la </3 not fair. haha.


Birthday boy, mummy and daddy :)


Jeff’s ice cream arrived late, I mean like wtf that pizza hut outlet at Jalan Song service so lousy. So slow. + they even forget to jot down my brother’s ice cream we need to wait for another half hour for it to come =.= wtf. when it finally arrived, I purposely go and disturb them :P i said, “Kamu tapao ne ice cream. saya suda setengah jam tunggu” girl said, “huh?” and I said, “saya tak kisah macam mana kamu tapao, mesti tapao juga. kalau tak saya jerit nanti” XD then girl go and ask supervisor how to pack ice cream. xD then supervisor said, “pack use soup container want?” ahahhaha :D


oh i even got time to buy dvd from yong’s shop. :D HAHA. i bought, Never Let Me Go the movie LOL. :) for my daily Friday night movie session. :P

oh photos after this is for my dear, Cheng Siok Theng xD


This is Nicky whosnameisagirlname :)


And this is Yong, erm hair? theonewhogavemynumbertodeceiver :P

when I look back at those photos, I’m like wondering, AITI WHY I GOT FRIEND LOOK LIKE PAIKIA. xD


Oh2, this year my little brother got x10 mini as his birthday present. wtf. and for my birthday last year I only got rm30 –_______- see how unfair the world is. last year he got a laptop. seee seee!! some more we go dine out wtf. like that laaa. </3 LOL. actually for both presents, he cried hard for it =.= see the advantage of being young.


His x10 mini. LOL. I choose for him leh :P cause I’m the expert in choosing things. and errr, cause he went to tuition. LOL. I asked chung which phone he recommend if wanna play games in high quality, he said x5. and this is like x10 wtf. ahahaha after got back home, I exchange the simcard, like my simcard in the phone, and I so wtf syiok text with touch screen bo! and me and my friends were like talking about, how kids this days got more nicer phone compare to us big kids. and errm how they got it early. when I was 10, all I know was to play bike every evening and eat and sleep. sad. =X rawr life is so unfair at times. HAHA. –______-

Oh2, the hp shop guy said, “waaa so nice this big sister sayang the brother” and I’m like you gotta be kidding me and said, “nooo. i don’t sayang him bo. if i didn’t buy later he cry for 3 days again ar wtf” hahahha x) but yeaaa, I am a nice sister. even though I hate the fact my little brother gets to own an x10, I still buys it for him. no matter how much I envy it. :P it’s okeii. I shall be patient. there’s more to life than a new phone with wifi/5 mp camera/awesome gadgets. okeii…….. life is to short to not have a new awesome latest phone D:


Guess what time is it when I took this photo XD heeee


Moral-of-the-story; pray for a better future :)

Dhaaaa =]

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