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  My political thoughts
Posted at 4/17/2011 05:05:00 PM

Mind you I am only a 17-year-old, but mind you again, I have the foot to intervene in the world. I don’t care how many of you old people thinks I’m naive, and stuff, I don’t care cause after all this is my blog. and I can say whatever I like in here.

Whatever written here, if you can’t accept it, then I’m sorry you have no rights in where you’re standing.

As we all know, Sarawak General Election has just past, with the majority winnings from the BN. and if we look more clearly into it, BN won the hearts of most of the rural areas. WHY? Pek Mo says, “I am satisfied with the results.” Yadda Yadda. Do you even wanna know why did you guys won mostly in rural areas? ERR DUH. cause we urban people, we don’t give a damn on your money. WHAT? WHAT? one time go for BN ceramah, got RM35? where you guys get so much money? some more to buy tupperwares that smells a lot like plastic bottles. HUH why DAP do ceramah no pay money, but still win in urban areas? naaaaa AND YES I’M SAYING RURAL AREA PEOPLE ARE CLOSE MINDED. i’m sorry, but if you guys were clever enough, you guys won’t accept rasuah so easily.

And the latest news, BN should ignore Chinese voters since chinese are clever in voting for DAP? TSK3. what a clever move. What a clever move you Utusan Borneo dude you!

I still don’t understand. why chinese has less opportunities in getting a JPA scholarships? in doing this, doing that? whyy?? after all, they are apart of Malaysia to right? everytime i would make a interview among the top students in school, and funny, most of them appear to be chinese, and I’ll ask them what’s your plan after this? they’ll be either answering that they’ll get a private college scholarships, and some of them even answer, “I don’t know. I no money to pursue to next level. JPA sure don’t want to give me scholarships cause I’m a chinese.”

Ok loe. Like that loe.

I agree BN does has it’s own pros and cons. Now that the election is done, what urban clever Sarawakians wants now is for Pek Mo to step down!!

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