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  One fine tuition day
Posted at 4/26/2011 06:59:00 PM

Little red riding hood decided she don’t wanna be red anymore, but pink. :)



Yesterday afternoon, got add maths replacement class. PHEW. finally :) after class, me and Delson, asked teacher, Ms Yap to bring us go eat kolok mee cause she took our napping time promised :D

so after class, we went to her house first cause she needs to picked up her brother to send him to tuition :) FYI, her brother is a form 4 student in my school . lol. quite coincidence? maybe? :P

me and Dels, were talking talking talking while waiting for her and her brother to get ready. then her friend, Tiffany come. Whom is also an ex Gaporian 7 years ago. WALAO right? :P I guess Gapor is really a popular school. *flips hair* XD

after that, we send her brother, then we go Jalan Song eat :D I like to go to Jalan Song, cause food over  there is awesome. :) *nods head*

My Grilled Pork Rice. I was come to Jalan Song for this. :D

Delson’s Grilled Chicken Rice. This is kinda nice :D

Well, kolok mee turned into rice cause I didn’t expect to go to Jalan Song, the place where food means a lot. I also didn’t expect that I won’t go home before Physics tuition. haha.

Before Physics tuition, I went to Yong’s DVD shop to see DVD. Justin Bieber Never Say Never cipalang version is on sells already ! :D

HAHA. Yong was counting DVDs, then I took one, and said to him, “I put inside my shirt ah” He said, “errr okey” then I was like, okey, *puts DVD in shirt and walk out the shop* And I was waiting for him to call me back to give back, but he never did so. LOL =.=

This afternoon, his friend told me he said, “Nevermind la let her” wtf him == I know he purposely say that cause he know I regret ah D: and I really did…. I should have stole taken something else. but I had to take,

China singers who sings like oldies songs only I can’t understand CD


Then I for the first time came quite early but still late for Physics Tuition ;D + it’s my last night. after this I don’t wanna take Physics Tuition liao. haha Lazy LOL.

This is Justine pretending to listen to teacher but actually looking at the CD.

Justine after this alone loe :D He was like, “Y U GUYS LEAVE ME” to Dels and me. and then I said, “You got Matthias liao” and he was like, “I’m not gay” LOL. xD

This is us cam-whoring during Physics =]

This is me and Justine after tuition :)

When I took this photo with him, Dels was like, “HEY ME DON’T HAVE LA!” and I was like, “I see you everyday ==” well, not everyday la, but we meet every week :)


Guess what, Guess what, xD of course you can’t guess =.= I didn’t bring my specs to school this morning, so I was literally blind D: well, I still can see, but blur :/ I only struggled during maths and Bio, PJK is PJK and my height is like 164 cm :DD and uhmm, during BM? i sleep =] so a very big sorry, to those whom wave at me, but I awkwardly stared at you :D



Moral-of-the-story; If want to steal take something, see first what you steal take. :)

Dhaaaaaaaaaaaa =]

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