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  One of the days
Posted at 4/20/2011 06:03:00 PM

I remembered those times when we had fun together. when I thought we were meant together. When I thought I was the luckiest girl on earth, when I thought I’ve receive my late Christmas presents. But guess what, I was wrong. :)


When I look back at all those sweet times, and when I compare it to now, I’ll always wonder, “what went wrong?”


Today was fun =]

Tomorrow is the last day of school, then it’s Good Friday, means holiday too! :D But being a good Christians, it’s no holiday to us :)

My dad picked me late this afternoon, but then if he hadn’t so, then I won’t get this news, that my THE CURSE short movie had been chosen by the St Thomas English teacher to be use as a teaching material. Which is something I should be proud of cause it’s like a hard work finally paid off when someone recognize it.


Moral-of-the-story; Never complain your life is to hard, because you’ll never know what others is experiencing.

Dhaaaaaaa =]


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