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Posted at 4/16/2011 10:23:00 AM

Happy birthday again Olga =]

At first we planned to go to Jalan Song to eat Korean Ice-cream. But then, Cheng said, her friends wanted to meet at Spring. So okeii loe. :3 But in the end, her friends didn’t turn up –.- one of them got into an accident. WTF nevermind~

So anyways, yesterday, was only, me, Phyllis, Cheng and Fook :D with Birthday Girl, Olga, Oswald and Osdee, Oswald little brother :)

And I can tell you, it was FUN FUN FUN. Oh yeaaa, yesterday was the perfect time to sing FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY \m/ cause it was really, really, really a BALL :D



On the left picture, me wearing a fluffy shirt, tug into a short pants. and on the right, I just want to show you my boat necklace which I barely wears it because I don’t know how to match it. HAHA. heyy, I don’t own any sailor outfits. :P

Cheng picked me up around 11+am. And we talked about politics the whole way. WTF. xD #futurepoliticiancumdatin and on the way, I saw this awesome car. with awesome stickers, and awesome extra thick tint.


So anyways, we went to Spring and uhm , the first thing that caught our eyes was the Easter event :O


See those eggs, sitting on a table in circles. It was simply delicious cute. :D


Left photo is me, in a little red house. And on the right photo is Phyllis and me in a bunny body :D


We waited a while for Olga, Oswald to come. so we walked around and got so hungry so we went to Food Bazaar and opted for the famous Chicken Rice. Before this I wouldn’t eat steamed chicken even if you pay me to do it. But after eating the ones from Food Bazaar, it feels like heaven ;D


My steamed chicken rice with my blue champagne special =]

The name champagne is so misleading. LOL. I thought it was actually champagne. But it’s not! :( it’s just some drink using the wrong name WTF. and it tasted weird.


Then this ex-Gaporian dude came along. I can swear he’s EVERYWHERE! that day also I saw him WTF so anyways, he was always close to Phyllis :P maybe cause they share the same common interest. Then later on, when we ditch him for movies, Cheng and Phyllis gossip about him, and I was like,  “TELL ME TELL ME” and Phyllis grabbed me in front and she tells me, manatwu suddenly he come front behind BAH Phyllis wtf –.- then I ranaway and he asked Phyllis what were we talking about him XD KANTOI~

So anyways, before all that happens, Fook came to find us at Food Bazaar and he asked me to teach him to cam-whore :D



After food, we went walking again –.- LOL. I swear Cheng and Phyllis can really stand in one shop talking XD and staring. Girls. Pffft :P I wanted to go see the movie times and discuss with them what movie, but they kept on insisting to stop at every shop that sells either keychains, bracelate or guitar picks. and I even told Fook, “Girls.. pffft. i swear I’m going to burn the shop if they don’t come out” XD


I got fed-up LOL. so I just took a photo of the schedule and YEA. I wanted to watch Justin Bieber! or Ghost must be Crazy but Olga wanted to watch a horror so okeii whatever. It’s her birthday :)


So what’s the movie about? How’s is it?

Well the first was odd –.- a scene of a movie in a movie in a movie called STAB. lol. and blondies keep stabbing each other WTF. then murders starts to happen the moment, Sidney Prescott(Neve Campbell) arrived hometown.




The movie was not awesome –.- But it’s still uhm, watchable? Maybe it’s just not the type of movie, I would watch. LOL. But the end was fcuk up –.- LOL is like in the end, you’ll end up asking WHY?! LOL since the movie name is SCRE4M. than it’s a success cause it managed to make me Scream throughout the movie. Not because it’s horror, but it’s full with surprise. and I hate stupid surprises like that WTF and Cheng even said that, she was entertained by not the movie but me =.= and Phyllis keep on asking me to stop screaming. XD haha.

Altogether I rate this movie 2/5 cause it wasn’t my type of movie. LOL


After movie, we walked around some more. Look at t-shirts, and uhm boys? and books :D hahah. Laugh hard. ;D Huh~~~


This was at FOS. me being a pervert. as usual ;)

But if you think I’m a pervert, than you should check Fook horniness out! WTF him. he go and say, “Is my underwear purple?” and I was like HUH? then he pulled out his underwear for me to see WTF him . ahahah crazy him. I laugh want dai after he said that. :PP (see I told you I was going to post this on blog XD)

After that, walk walk walk. Then we separated. Cheng, Phyllis and Fook , and me, Olga, Oswald and Osdee. WTF all O except me :P we went walking a while before Oswald send me to Stutong, for the DAP ceramah =]


And I got my daily dose of coffee from Old Town. Hmmm. Old times favourite

BTW, it’s mocha ;D NYUMS~



Olga shy with her present XD it’s the one I bought at One Jaya that day :P I bought her a…..


Bear Brick XD don’t be fooled Ladies & Gentlemens, that bear is as big as the fan behind. Like seriously =.=




I like the bag! I was hesitating on whether to give the present with the bag or not. wtf me xD the bag so cute, with the bear and all. HAIZ.



Moral-of-the-story; Don’t gossip about people when you’re in the same mall and uhm , also never try something new. unless someone recommended it for you :3

Dhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa =]

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