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  Short Update :)
Posted at 4/06/2011 05:00:00 PM


I am not lonely, I just choose to be alone. :)


RAWR. I don’t know why during school days, my blogging mood will decrease. + + I don’t have any ideas on what to blog. But one thing for sure, I’ll never leave my blog dying for 3 days, if I do, I’ll be dead myself. :P

*HUG BLOG* I miss you baby. #foreveralone


So anyways, what’s up with my life? :)

I’ve just finish filming a class project movie called The Curse :D I went to school yesterday to finished it. HUH. finally. :) but still got a few scenes which is easy, wtf :) but then this morning I found out, we’re like the only group doing it. HAHA wtf so hardworking meh us :3

Then Harry taught me to play Dota, wtf, xD haha.

RAWR. nothing much la. Just that we got a new physics teacher. 2 minutes after she opened her mouth on the first day, she already shout at us. D: then she introduce herself also she shout. T.T wtf the moral of the story here definitely is not to bully weak teachers. xD


LOL. well, nothing much –.- I’m already thinking of a vlog title :D but now no time. T.T time is limited and so is sleep apparently O.O which reminds me that day I nap in the afternoon, and the painter pain the door and window use syelek, my nose pain after that. T.T i asked my sister doesn’t she smell the awful smell, she said she didn’t smell anything. wtf. lie cheat me T.T ad my nose really hurts that I can even feel my body is full with the syelek chemical. D;

Also reminds me, my sister fought with her friend yesterday. Just because her friend thinks she’s childish, –.- now who’s being the child here, not friending whom and who? well, for me, being childish is just to have fun :) and life is short, why act the older person? Life should be lived to the fullest. ^^ and just because your friend acts a way you dislike,you shouldn’t try to change it. If she’s really your friend, you should accept her no matter what. Again I repeat, life is short, live it to the fullest.

pffft they’re only 12 years old. LOL

Then I told my sister, try to be like me and Cassandra :) we have been bestfriends for 2 years and we never fought. But who say we never have different mind-sets? we have it a lot. especially when we’re together most of the times in school. Like she sit just beside me. hee. But because we value each other, we decide we shouldn’t fight for that. Because of the fun we had when we’re talking together. I love her. :)



Moral-of-the-story; Your heartbeat tells a lot of truth. Listen to it. :)

DHaaaa =]

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