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  Short Update
Posted at 4/19/2011 07:25:00 PM


When there is no hope, look beside you, sure there is something worthy standing beside you and you just didn’t realize you’ve been neglecting it.


I’m sorry. It’s been 3 days baby. 3 days !! I’ve been neglecting you well enough. But don’t worry cause I'm back with a short update. :)


My 2 years old mechanical pencil past away T.T 2 weeks ago, and in those 2 weeks I have suffered what is known as pencil-less :O –epic background sound-

Whenever it comes to stationaries, I’ve always been the type that procrastinate just to go to the stationary shop and buy, i mean, i’m not even using my own money forgoodnessake. it’s called “being lazy” :)

So today, I’ve finally run to the stationary shop and bought a pink rexgrip pencil. :D –hero music background- sweat =.=

Well, this is just something random I want the whole world to know ftw cause I don’t know what to update already. Life has been squiring and stuff, full with don’tknowwhattosaythings. and I’m just happy I have my friends to catch me when I fall though nothing has make me fall these days @.@ haha I realize that when, life is so messy, I wanted peace and when it’s so peaceful, I wanted the messy life I had.



Today, random things have been surprising me a lot. Like the bee that made me scream when I was on my way down, or the random rope that made me curse when I was walking sleepily to the canteen. wtf me :)

Anyways, today I presented my group video. The effort me made all those goingtocassandrahouse and goingtoschooldespitetheweatherwtf times. :)

But I’ll show it some other times cause I lazy upload. areyoukiddingmeyoutubehatesmewtf



Life still goes on even if you have nothing to show.

Moral-of-the-story; don’t go near your sick buddy ==

DHaaaaaa =]

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