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  sick wtf
Posted at 4/12/2011 03:02:00 PM
Today post is going to look different wtf it's my first time in dontknowhowmanydecades using blog draft to post my blog, instead of using windows live writer wtf and today post will be picture-less because I am currently abusing using without permission my little sister x10, because I lazy on laptop wtf

So what happen today?

I went to school for an hour only, then I couldnt stand the pain so I asked for permission to go home, :p so yeaa, I did. Love cass for accompanying me not to asked for permission, and a big hug thanks to Catherine for waiting with me for my dad to come :)

So then, I went to the clinic and found out i'm fat with a 54.1kg weight whom mumy assure me that it's normal for my size T.T and also I found out I have migraine cause by stress, not enough sleep, to much laptop and insuficient taking in of water wth I got stress and not enough sleep cause was partying doing my homework, figuring unbelievable tough questions like add maths and chemistry til late night wtf and about the rest of the causes of my migraines...... I dont wanna talk about it, =X and wtf I thought migraine only happen to old people =.= im old wtfwtf

So anyways, I was prescribed with 3 different types of pills wtf I hate taking pills! When I told the doctor I wanted medicine in liquid form, he said, "ya, ya. It will not be in liquid form" and im like, "noo doctor I want in liquid form! I'll vomit whenever I take pills" (which is a good thing because people will not believe but laugh if suddenly I got somehow accuse for taking drugs wtf) . And the doctor sigh and said, "big girl already must learn to take pills. Besides we dont have migraine in liquid form" wtf :( ok loe like that loe T.T

After I got home, I stared at my pills for a few minutes wtf before eating them =.= had a continously trip to the bathroom while reading about politics. #futurepoliticiancumdatin xD wtf

I remembered just now, while waiting for my turn in the clinic, 2 siblings were playing around, and 1 of them said in chinese that he has the same bottle as me awww wtf kids are cute when they`re not being obnoxious. Which reminds me of a talk during Sivik lesson that day, where I said I wanted to have a daughter then ditch my husband HAHA xD hope my future husband wont see this wtf and ditch me later xD

Moral-of-the-story; consult google for a healthy lifestyle and start living healthily with no regrets!

Dhaaaaaa ;)


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