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  Victory is mine
Posted at 4/15/2011 10:01:00 AM

LOL. epic fail title cause I couldn’t think of any nice ones =.=

But anyways, YES, finally I hardworking enough to online laptop and blog. most importantly. xD been migraine-ing like shit and it ain’t pretty =.= and I don’t mean shit literally :P heee~


I remember yesterday, during English period. xD teacher was like passing around papers for us to draw. who gets the one with the red stars gets something extra special. and I didn’t get it :( only four people got it. wtf. then, one of the four, Lek Heng, pulls out and his seat is empty! teacher was like, “okay lek heng who do you want to give it too?” and I promtly said, “Lek Heng I love you!” without hesitation wtf me. i should start taking ILY seriously like seriously  :P and yea I got it, I got it :D it’s an English Program organized by Lincoln something something. I heard that it’s something and it’s limited. so it suppose to be fun wtf xD


So yesterday was Thursday, Thursday.


And Thursday, Thursday is Olga birthday, birthday :D

And today, today is a Friday Friday :P It is Claire’s birthday birthday.


We, we, we so excited, we so excited. :D we gonna have a ball tonight.

Anyways, Cheng bought her, a Cupido :) I just tumpang my name :P


Front is Cupido, back is Olga Cupipi :)



Since today no school, so last night I decided to go see the DAP ceramah. and I can tell you, those oppositions dudes are funny ;’D it’s hard not to laugh, unless you’re dumb and don’t get jokes :P

They were like a lot of people, a lot of people, and I’ve never seen that much people in my entire 16 year old life!


Dude :D


The moon :D


Some slide show with awesome theme song. I like! :D It’s catchy. Shall download it some other time when I’m not free x)

Then I went to buy chicken cause I was damn hungry xP I didn’t eat dinner wtf me. Than I saw JHH ! wtf such a coincidence meh! LOL. before also I thought I saw him, but I couldn’t care at all. x)


So while my dad ditch me, the whole night, JHH pei me watch dudes :) Got one time, I wanted to take photo with Uncle Anwar, JHH walks the crowd with me. :D but we ended with no picture, a deaf ear and uhm, his leg got step on my a King Size dude who happens to be everywhere we are. And so we ended up, standing in front of the stage ;D like really front. wtf.


Penang Deputy Chief Minister ;D


Uncle Lim Kit Siang ;D


Random. Under the stage xD


Dude who’s going to contest in Kota Sentosa :)

I had so much fun! and uhm , I miss the moments where I squeeze through crowds –.- okeii sweat was just being sarcastic. xD haha~

Oh yeaaa! Did I mention? I’ve stand for 4 hours plus last night! and I swear now I couldn’t even feel my legs! some more, some more, got this dude, wtf him, sit 2 chairs at once! he so heavy har till need 2 chairs to support him! I go tell him, he sit 2 chairs, wtf him do stupid face at me! –.- pffft him~


Moral-of-the-story; Appreciate the ones around you :)

Dhaaaa =]

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