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  Wish Upon A star
Posted at 4/28/2011 07:00:00 PM

“You look so happy mummy, In the picture beside daddy.” of course we were. I was deeply in love and Yea, I really do feel happy that time.

– Wish Upon a Star; Tina Reilly


Short update of my long live life. Is 16+ years long enough? xD

It was Kelly the dude birthday today :D and his awesome bought him a birthday cake. Sweet #GMH =]

When Debbie the girl was closing his eyes, wanting to bring him to the cake, Kelly was holding a container of french fries and nugget, and poor dude got his food finish by us just because he had to close his eyes. LOL. :D

I wish my birthday this year would be something extra special. *prays* Please nothing like last year or the year before. lol. and uhmm, my birthday is on 14 OCTOBER in case you don’t know.


This 2 months have been wanting to buy a new novel but I got nag for having so many books at home! So I decided to dig out my sister collection and found, Wish Upon A Star by Tina Reilly. So far the story is awesome possum. And I realize Ireland authors always puts cursing words in their book. LOL.

This days, and nights , have been lying to my sms buddies. HAHA I’ve been telling them that I wanna go to sleep. But actually, have been non-stop reading this novel. Which is awesome. :D + less message, more topic to talk when meet. hahahaha :D

p/s laptop wallpaper is from Meow&WafuPafu


Next Thursday is the start of my semester 1 exams. *sad music playing* LOL. and it’ll last for 3 weeks, 3 FREAKIN WEEKS. D: but then in those 3 weeks, got 2 days holidays, Wesak Day and Teachers Day(don’t know want come or not, Apek say, “Aiya. You come or not, when you fail test still will disappoint them” words of wisdom =’] ) LOL then after exams is 2 weeks holidays. 2 WEEKS NOT ENOUGH. hahaha :P but then, shouldn’t waste more time on finishing the syllabus cause SPM is around the corner. HAIZ.

oh2, will be studying instead of online-ing so maybe after 1 or 2 posts next week, I’ll go offline more 3 weeks. (only on weekends XD)


You know you’re not alone when you have people to talk too =]

My dear Cheng drew it for us :D



Have been feeling so unappreciated, and I think I’m to nice and to helpful and I can’t help it. Cause I want things to be done, done right now. Sorry I’m soo sensitive :/

 "Hyeee." ( -insert name here- has gone offline- ) *sad music background* #foreveralone :O

Moral-of-the-story; Know your limits.

Dhaaaaa =]

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