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  2 in 1
Posted at 5/01/2011 11:33:00 PM

2 in 1 as in 2 in 1 celebration last night :D

My niece, Clarissa Cassandra 1st birthday and my uncle 39th anniversary :’)


me & my sister

My dad was being gay by rushing me to faster get ready by saying, “FAST THE FOOD FINISH LATER” and it’s just 6pm =.= when we arrived, my uncle haven’t even set the BBQ fire. HAIYA. I forgot my rubber band D: hmmmm, enough sad talking #nolife, and let the photos talk :D

me & my cutie 5-year-old niece

me & my sister again :D wow. cam-whoring must run in the family lol :3

me and my niece again :) cuzzies photobombed behind D:


My uncle 39th anniversary :)



I wanna find that HIM, and I wanna live this life with HIM. and one day when we’re old and senile, the only thing we’ll remember is how we first met.


My niece 1st birthday :D

Wondering why would they choose Upin&Ipin for her. lol #nonofmybusiness

As your grow old each year, making lots of memories, and learning everything that is need to learn, falling down and scrapping your knees, cry when you hurt yourself, and at the end, the only one thing you’ll keep in mind is that, you’ll never regret all does stupid things you did, because everything happens for a reason, and everything happens for a cause and you just need to accept it just the way it is.


Took this to show Cheng my t-shirt :D i wanna show that little half heart with eyes down there. am in love with that shirt that I didn’t know I had it before. Found it recently in a pile of never-use-cloth :D My cousin was like, “HAAA what you do here take photo XD

So anyways, we went back almost midnight I think? my dad was mad drunk and he still say it wasn’t enough. wtf. he got a hung-over lol i think it’s the worst i’ve seen, cause he even slept in the car after arriving. and we have no key to enter cause he didn’t give us !! D: so we end up screaming my sister to open the door. xD hahaha. lucky she’s home :)

if my mum know, GG loe. :D (GG means sei loe)


Moral-of-the-story; Teach your kids to drive even though it’s illegal so when you get drunk, you can ask them to drive XD

Dhaaaaaaa =]

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