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  Abraham Lincoln is my bestfriend
Posted at 5/29/2011 12:43:00 PM
Seriously Abraham Lincoln is my bestfriend. You know, the 16th President of United States. You don’t believe ha? Your lost :P anyways, I’ve even cam-whored with him yesterday morning :D


Anyways, yesterday morning I went to Pustaka Negeri Sarawak for the Lincoln English Camp. There were Knowledge Camp too but my school wasn’t invited. T.T #feelssoleftout anyways, went there with Catherine, Amy, Michelle, Christian, Syamsul, Jeremy, Tommy :)

My 16 years plus of living in Kuching land, and in my 16 years+ I never step into Pustaka Negeri, I never knew it has a library/cafe/park/pond/nice view, I never knew that it’s not associatiated with politic, I never knew it was across river, so you need to pay toll on the way, and lastly I never knew Pustaka Negeri and Civic Centre are two different buildings…… I fail :’)

Syamsul text: when are you going to arrive? registration is almost close!
Me text: Pustaka Negeri next to my house only, don’t worry! Ehh later can send me back?
Syamsul: Why? I thought Pustaka Negeri is next to your house? why don’t you just walk? (p/s it’s in a middle of no where!!)
Me:  -owned-
…few minutes later…
Syamsul: when are you arriving?! everybody arrive already.
Me: *get down from car* pustaka negeri next to my house. I just go out house, and walk only :3 wait almost there.

After registration we went to the pond outside and play….. and cam-whore :D

Despite the “No Swimming, No Fishing No Boating” sign, we can still see some people fishing, with coconut leaves. Haaa, Clever ehemTommyJeremySyamsulehem x) Besides, they only say No Swimming No Fishing No Boating at one area only, they didn’t say the other side of the pond, Right? :D


Anyways, Catherine and Amy were playing sakai-ing with my camera therefore came all this loads of not-me-camwhore pictures :D

They were cam-whoring while I was #foreveralone-ing watching some videos. MyChonny videos ;)

After fooling around for about an hour, we got bored of the outside so we went to the cafe and Catherine and Amy bought themselves some snacks while waiting for 9.30am for out tea break. 

YAY YUMMIES. LOL. Catherine and Amy bought the surprise-in-a-bag and they got 3 toy stilletoes and a soldier. WHUT~ then we talk and talk and talk with Michelle and talk and gossip. x)
Until it was 9.30am. YAY MORE FOOD. 

But..... we ate only the typical mee goreng and drink only either coffee or tea. + the drinks dispension lied to me, its says, "COOLING" and and I GOT HOT COFFEE. 

WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.... LOL and the other one was hot tea. HAIZ. Y U NO COLD DRINKS IN THE EARLY MORNING?! itsokey though. the tea was nice :)

Me and my nametag :D

After food, we went into one of the seminar hall for some talks. we got our files.

and the program, the talks they all look fun. And they were! I really enjoyed it :3 

BTW, after I took this pictures, the dude name Dr. Jack was like, "Asians, they take pictures every 5 minutes" wth :P true true I also don't know why. LOL. the whole talks was about American cultures. BTW, he's an Asian living up and growing up in America. Awesome. And everytime Americans would ask him where is he from, he would answer, "I'm from the United Satets of America" and the Americans would ask, "Yeaa Yeaa, Where are you from?" and he would answer, "I'm from the United States of America" and the American would say again, "No no I mean where are you from?" HAHA x)

Anyways, the morning activity was Trying to guess you friend's name. LOL. Like the mentors were asked to put random famous names behind our backs and our friends have to try their best anyhow to make us figure out our characters. LOL

Such a coincidence, I was Peterpan and Syamsul was Tinkerbell. :D YAY us. Catherine was Tun Dr Mathathir, Amy was Jade Lee, hmm, maybe Bruce Lee sister, Michelle was Bugs Bunny, Jeremy was Saloma and Tommy was Astro Boy. 

Then, we were told that we're going to separate :( me and Catherine were together cause I cheated XD anyways we were group number 8.

Below: forgot those two islam girls, catherine and me. Up: forgot, Liza, Ira, Carol, Greg and Mark.
At first I wanted the group name as either Infinity or Asian Power, luckily we didn't have it cause the other groups chose those very two names. Then Greg said egg, so we settle down with it. We even have a group cheer :D

Then, they were more talks. Funny and it doesn't bored us. 
Then after talks, was lunch :D lunch was for 1 hour+ WTH.... so long..........................

So this is what's for lunch. Chicken cook in black, sweet and sour sardine, spicy tofu, mix veges, Guavas and watermelons. And and self buy french fries. O.O 
then we got bored so we played in the library. the library was HUGE and PRETTY :3 I didn't get to see what books were there, I just took pictures. :P

Then I walk around some more and found out there was another special library. :O so I went in. There were nobody inside, so I took photos some more. xD HEY, I maybe Asian, but this is for blog :D

The special library even got a room for karaoke =.= oh! Also got rocks LOL huge big rocks with HUGE BIG names :)

LOL. I don't see anything special, but maybe for someone else's eyes, they are. Some how :P
Anyways, when I got out the room, Christian told me that it's a private only for members library. Then we pretend as if I never went inside :PP ahahahha

I can HAZ the whole world. MUAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. the giant globe just near the entrance door. :D Let's zoom into Malaysia :3

Can you spot Malaysia? And in between East and West got this screw. Cool :D then got one part of the globe that can be swing because it wasn't tighten, then Amy go and swing it. then I said to her, "woi. don't do that. later that country earthquake" :O


Then we went back into the seminar rooms to proceed with more talks, games like using the Lincoln Corner in the library to find answers. and such :P and before we knew time was over, more talks and then the prize giving ceremony. My group didn't win anything though :(( itsokey. HAIZ Michelle group won something in the end. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.


Asian playing with a camera :D

From left; Catherine, me, Michelle, Amy(at the bottom), Syamsul, Jeremy, Christian, Tommy.

From left; Christian, me, Dr. Jack, Catherine, Amy.
We were doing what Dr.Jack said everyone in Hawaii did, that over-here-means-phone-sign is COOL in Hawaii :D

me and Michelle :D

Me and Catherine :D

See No Evil, Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil 

Me, Amy and Catherine. Love this one :D

Last photo of me cam-whoring :D


After the whole program finished, we waited for our transport back home. Since my dad is in Sibu, I had to ask Jeremy to send me home. LOL. His dad need to send Syamsul and Tommy home too. Sorry uncle >< 
anyways, before we went back home, me, Catherine, Michelle, Amy, Christian, Tommy, Jeremy and Syamsul played with the lift. LOL. #nolife

Notice whats Tommy doing there :O

Finally a picture with me in it :P

Then everybody go back left me, Tommy, Syamsul and Jeremy. So we played with the lift some more :D 

Me and Syamsul in the lift :D

Syamsul sissy couldn't stand the flash :P

Jeremy and me x)

Between the lift and the stairs, its a lot faster using the stairs than the lift. LOL. I know, I've tried. But stairs so transparent =.= 

See what I tell you =.= it's like if you're wearing skirt, you gotta really be careful. Hahaa.

And when I stop playing with the lift, my head felt so light-headed and it feels as if I'm still in the lift. wth == I went in like more than 5 times. xD aahaha #nolife

Can you see their panties? :D hahaha

Moral-of-the-story; Don't play with lift XD

Dhaaaaaaaa =]

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