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  Encik 23th Birthday
Posted at 5/18/2011 05:57:00 PM

Yesterday(17th May 11) was both my mum and my friend, Encik birthday.. What a coincidence! But I didn’t celebrate with my mum cause I went out for steamboat to celebrate Encik birthday :) Sorry mum TT –bad daughter-

17511. Go buy 4D liao. see got kena jackpot not :3 #somalaysian


No. This is not Encik. This is Grace. :)

Before going to the steamboat venue, me, Grace and Delson went to Tabuan Plaza. We thought they’d held it there. wth. There, we met up with JHH, Cheng and Fook. Then Chung them call, say the steamboat at RH Plaza. WTH.

Then we need to wait for an hour for someone to pick us up. :3 So we lepak at the shop upstairs. and we laughed until crazy ;D Especially me and Cheng. :’) Then got 1 time, this sales dude, I was sitting on his chair talking. suddenly he looked at me fiercely. Then I looked up to him. Then finally realized I was sitting on his chair. Manatwu, after I got up, he go and moved the chair, go and hide it. ==” Then Cheng say he didn’t put notice so can sit. :’) she also said that, if the shop didn’t put, “Pencuri akan didakwa di mahkamah” means you can steal cause they didn’t put notice :’)

After waiting for an hour, Chung finally arrived. Then Delson need to go back home. okey loe nevermind loe :( anyways, then Leo come and pick us up. me, JHH, cheng and Grace. and then we headed to RH Plaza :) Laughed a lot in the car :’)


So this is birthday boy eating :3 I was like, HEY ENCIK I NEVER HAD A PROPER PICTURE OF YOU. (all his picture all candid. Got one picture is him holding a handbag)

So he pose…. become like this :D (I mean the below one. LOL)

Cute right? :D ahahhahaha. ^.^v

Okey la. Then we dig in :D I mean not dig in, we self service, go take our food. That steamboat shop, named Swam Teem Seafood Restaurant. They had varieties of seafood, vegies and meat. All you need is to “kiap” them :D

I took pork meat, chicken meat, cow meat and lamb meat. some seafoods. (i thought clam suppose to burst open at high pressure. why my clams no leh?! :( ) The good thing about owning a steamboat shop is that you don’t need to worry about the taste of the food because the customer is the one bbq-ing/boiling it. Just need to worry fresh or not, clean or not.

I ate raw lamb cause I didn’t know how to see whether it was cooked or not. #failhousewife :’( and I got a tummy ache the next day. or maybe it was something else. LOL. JHH was like, “why didn’t ask me cook” and I was like, “you didn’t even let me eat yours” #GAY.

Cheng and Fook =]

Fook vegetarian, Cheng also MUST be vegetarian :D ahahahahha.

As I’ve said before, being the owner of a steamboat shop, you MUST value cleanliness and freshness, however, Grace found a maggot inside the soup ==” Must be from the vegies. LOL. aie? maggot eat vege ka? :O not sure also. ahahahha. So maybe I tummy ache because of this maggot. or maybe it’s just the raw lamb. we didn’t get to complain, i didn’t get to disturb the shop owner, pester him about this, cause i think we were lazy. Hahaa. but but, sayang leh. we should have :(

This is me and Encik. a few piece of JHH photo-bombing us. XD my face looks oily cause yesterday I only bath once. I go there pun didn’t bath T.T cause I was in a rush. My dad was ERRR. i say 5pm I go, he cun 5pm wait outside the house honking =.= punctual much. LOL. so I simply wear. FYI, I’m wearing a THIS IS AS JOLLY I CAN GET christmas t-shirt xD

AHHHHH Whenever I see Encik hair, I feel like burning it cause it’s better than mine :’) feel a little happy when I pulled his hair last night. XD

Cheng, Fook and I think the kid name is Chai Chai. :O I think la. :3 I didn’t play him last night. ahaha. was busy eating :3

anyways, Cheng looks like the mum and Fook looks like the father. Awwww HEE. + I never knew Cheng was so kind to kids. :D ahahaha . and that boy kept on molesting fook :D He learn from Encik la tu… :3 or maybe he watched porn with Encik :O ahahha JK~


Cakey time :D

Chung say Encik cake look like Valentine cake with all the flowers. +It’s a chocolate cake. :D

When Encik was about to blow the candles, suddenly the shop played HAPPY BIRTHDAY song for him. I shock wth. So nice man! then the next thing we knew, the customers in the shop were singing Happy Birthday along with us. :D AWWWW I bet Encik was so touch :) Next year he’ll be back in Philippines, don’t know when come back again, :’( i hope next year, on his birthday, he remember his birthday this year. It was nice knowing him even though it was just a short while.

KK Enough Emo. HMMM This is someone pushing his candle down and asking him to use his mouth to take it . :D ahahahhaa.

BTW, Encik need to go , HOW-TO-CUT-CAKE class cause the way he cut cake to big that no one want to eat. :O but it was okey :)) HEYY it’s chocolate :)

Oh and little did I know,,it’s this little girl in pink birthday too! Awww :)

HEY How come I no special party like this?! :’( THIS YEAR AHHH, 14TH OCTOBER, xD


Last picture in this post is a picture of Richmond Santos AKA Encik because I didn’t cam-whore cause my face when oily look damn fugly in pictures. xD anyways, the cake on his face is from me :) I even put on JHH cause cheng ask :D then after that I quickly run to toilet cause I don’t want to kena cake also ;) manatwu, JHH chase me till toilet then he wait me at the boys toilet. CURSES. and I got cake D: and the sad thing is cheng said she wanted to help JHH put cake on me too. WTH D:

so anyways, Leo send me, Cheng and JHH home. I went back at 10pm+ . After sending Cheng and JHH home, Leo and Fook had that “talk” with me. We gossiped and they adviced. Awwww =]


Two things to remember: DON'T make decisions when you're angry and DON'T make promises when you're happy.

Moral-of-the-story; Cheng say, “If the shop didn’t put “pencuri akan didakwa di mahkamah” means you can take the things cause they didn’t put notice. :D sweet. if like this in court, sure they can’t fight us back…. I think? :O

Dhaaaaaa =]

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