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Posted at 5/15/2011 06:30:00 PM

What is #GoBald? It’s not your simple changing-your-hair-style-routine kind of thing but it’s more to helping and encouraging the cancer kids that chemotherapy and loosing your hair is nothing and that we’re willing to do it too!

This morning is #Gobald last day, since it started on the 14th May, there were more than 100 participants. Encouraging enough kids? Now fight fight for your life :)


So…. This morning after church I went to Spring for the #Gobald thing. But I didn’t go bald. My mum will disown me, she told me so :( and and my hair is my prize possession . :O wth I sound so selfish ><

The crowds that came to support the shavies. They were even kindergarteners supporting their principle, Ms Ooi. They were from Tadika Juara Gemilang@Super Champs. FYI, my big sister is a teacher there. ahaha x)

The emcee in red and the dudes behind #GoBald in blue.

Ms Ooi at the above big frame. and the lady below in the big frame raise the highest amount of money. RM45k if I’m not mistaken. But it was great. Ms Ooi only raise until RM30k. This kind of people gives the world a little hope knowing there are still less selfish human beings. #GMH

This is during the shave =]

Only the daring's are the ones that will be look up by society.

After Ms Ooi have done her shaving, the crowd cheered on her more than they cheer the rest. –not trying to say anything- XD

This is Silas the big dude, and the little boy is his son. His son is so cute and he looks like his father. Awwww. His son decided to go bald, and somebody went and sponsored for him. His son was smiling while closing his eyes when they shave him. Awwww. #GMH.

YB Sng Chee How even join in when someone sponsored him for RM20K. Amazing :’)

Photo before and after. It took me awhile to take a photo with him because my dad don’t know how to operate my camera. wth. + More photos for my collection of taking-photos-with-politician. YAY

This is a young college girl, if not mistaken from Sunway. I was like, “OMG WHY” at her because her hair colour is like awesome and her hair is like long silky straight. Maybe she has split ends so she decided to do this, but but ….. –speechless- Nevertheless, she was given 6 seconds to decide on whether she really want to go bald or not. And she did. Which was a brave thing to do. #GMH she said she’ll keep her ponytail as a memory. LOL

Random photos

Photos of Super Champs stuff and my mum. :O

Dude beat-boxing. LOL

This is hair. I took this to show it to JHH cause I told him I bald my hair too :’) and his first reaction is, “NOOOOOOO” then he kept saying he miss my long hair, miss my good-looking-ness with my long hair, scare till want cry. wth him. I told him it’s for charity. And now he’s still can’t get over that I bald my hair, and that he said he needed time. Cheah. I told Cheng, he likes me for my outer side and not my inner side. Nice :’)

BTW I didn’t bald my hair. As I said before, my hair is my prize possession. Which reminds me, my mum gave away my old toys to a little poor girl name Liyana and I willingly accepted when she told me she gave away my turtle bear :’) [I didn’t at first but JHH convince that I did good ahahha] –sounds selfish-


So after the #GoBald event, we went to Old Town Cafe. I like this place. :’) I like the coffee especially

My mum’s orange fizzy float. It was super sweet my mum had to order plain water just to pour in to lessen the sweet taste.

My little sister chocolate coffee drink. \m/

My white coffee. Love to the max. But somehow, the ice is more than the drink =.=

My father’s hot white coffee.

My brother didn’t order any drinks, instead he ordered Strawberry Mallow Ice-cream. wth.

My nasi lemak special. The sambal was soo hot I cannot stand that it feels like my throat is burning into flames and and I even cried :’)

my brother and sister ordered fish fillet rice. The gravy is yummy.

My father’s Rendang Chicken Rice. Got sambal also, wth. But the rendang sauce was nice :)

Don’t geddit why they want to ordered Kaya Butter Toast for LUNCH =.=


Then we went walking around Spring. Little sister need to buy flats and little brother need to buy jacket but Spring jackets for kids, it’s either to small or to big. LOL then my mum bought an alphabet necklace, “L” , I’m like her name starts with “A” . HURRR. Don’t get her sometimes =.=


BTW, outfit of the day. I spend 20 minutes thinking what to wear this morning :( I’ve nothing to wear already. LOL.

Moral-of-the-story; Do good things, and you shall receive everything good. Do bad things, and evil shall fall upon you.


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