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  Happy birthday little nephew!
Posted at 5/22/2011 06:00:00 PM

My cousin in law was right. I am going to blog about this, ahahha XD without me knowing it, my cousins have been on my blog a few times. :O LOL. *shy*


Last night, I keep on getting my shame pulled down. First was when, my dad acted so proud by refusing to call to ask for address. and I ended up nearly entering a Chinese gathering, and I nearly give them my little nephew’s present. D: then I asked him to pay back my shame XD

The birthday present consisted of some educational cards and puzzles and a little yellow car :3

Birthday cake especially made by my cousin in law, Frederika, p/s Rudy’s wife ahahahhaha –Grins- She prepared like a lot of food :0 Delicious food some more :O I ate 3 rounds , then cannot eat anymore. xD I didn’t even tried the cake D; –curses- but the icing was awesome :D

YAY Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday To you, Happy Birthday Baby Mathias, Happy Birthday To you :3

I love little kids birthdays more than teenagers birthday :’) Their just so young…. + You don’t get jealous when you see them receiving toys as gifts x) unless you’re a teenager and still into toys =.=


Then, I joined the wife’s of the family, and listened to them talk about awkward children stuff =.= well, it’s better than tolerating the kids running around in the living room D:

p/s JHH ask to camwhore :D

Nice or not, Nice or not? XD

ahahahahahhaha I don’t know what was I doing there =.= all I know is Fifi photo-bomb my photo D;

Then this fifi and me cam-whoring. Her face seems smaller than me when in real life it’s the opposite XD

And this is… errr. a cam-whore picture of me sleeping :O actually, I wasn’t sleeping, I just want to see how I look like when I’m sleeping XD

I LOOK BALD D; haiz…. this few MONTHS my hair has been GRACEFULLY falling off. I feel so insecure and and *weeps* it’s just sad ;( anybody can help? :( and does any wig factory wants my falling hair *weeps harder* it’s…. *shriek* valuable D; +i’m broke. LOL

-sad case-


Me x)

UHMMMM, my pimples is back D; I mean I’ve always had them(sad case) but this time is period pimples =.= WTH –so open wth- XD


I'm unsure........ whether it's just a lie I tell myself everyday or it's really happening :)

Moral-of-the-story; Don’t be to confident! :O

Dhaaaaaa =]

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