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  Happy Mother’s Day
Posted at 5/08/2011 02:16:00 PM

Just me being random. :’)

It’s Mother’s Day today! What did you do for your mum today? =]

   uhhhmmmmmm i bought my mum a necklace. she loves collecting accessories, she’s mad keen with them. ahahahha

This is what I bought for her. :D after church. we went to Wisma Wan then Tabuan Plaza, and and, I told my dad I wanted to buy her something and he ended up an empty wallet :O to cover this necklace, I bought a notebook. xD

Don’t know what to do with it, since it’s not my favourite colour and I don’t really write notes for study. Maybe I shall keep it in my buy-but-never-use-notebook shelf :’) or I could just sell it for RM5. :D –cheapskate liar-

Anyways, I’m going to present it to her later on. Hope she likes it ^^


At Tabuan Plaza there got a loads of Domo, and I fell in love like huhhh :’D but I couldn’t buy it. Buying it means abandoning my Teddie. Nooo I won’t do that. My Teddie has stick with me through think and thick. Wherever I goes, it go. :’)

So anyways, I love bullying. Especially if the victim so easy play play sad. :D

The middle one is the first text to Yong. :’) I bully his son, Domo. hahahaha, he say he wanna burn my house, and he also say, I’m an ugly Princess, some more ask Cheng to take marker and scribble on my face. walao him :’) I sat on Domo, KNIFE him, and even put him into the cooking pot, WITH FIRE. Don’t play play ahh :D

But thennnn, Guess what I ate for lunch.

Asam kueh tiaw with tauge =.=!!

When I first saw the tauge I was like, my dad is gay for mixing it with tauge. Then I thought again, maybe it’s karma striking back for bullying Yong. Shit, xD ahahahahaa


Moral-of-the-story; Sometimes you can’t judge what people are doing to themself because sometimes all they want to be is flawless in all ways and sometimes it’s hard with all the judging that lowers their self esteem. You don’t judge a person by the path he took but the miles he walk to get there.

DHaaaaaaaaaaaaa =]

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