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  I'm weird I know :')
Posted at 5/24/2011 05:29:00 PM
I posted two new videos on Youtube again :)

This one is my first attempt to make an animation short video between me, Cheng and HIM. And it's also an apology for what I did to HIM just now. :') But I didn't do it on purpose, Going-Home-Early is just too tempting xD p/s everything was real except the me alone part. LOL. Thumbsup for Cheng "JHH I'm going to blame you if my mother scold me" part :D THANKS.
The voice in this animation sounds so awkward, it sounded like Google translator singing Lady Gaga.check it out on Youtube if you haven't, xD I lazy Link. LOL hmmm, he said, Libra's are one of the lazy horoscopes. True True :')


And this 2nd one is just me being my cheesy self, especially the cheesy wink ;) Thumbsup for me please if you like my cheesy wink too :D unless you can't see it cause my eyes are too small, =.=

Take care people :) few more days to semester break. YAY. but holiday 2 weeks only. wth But at least, it's something.
Oh yeaaa, any suggestions? :D

Dhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa =]

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