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  It’s Friday baby :D
Posted at 5/13/2011 05:02:00 PM

Absent for the whole week on blog. Fully disappointed with myself. *emo jump down building* nevertheless, I’m hereeee, feeling all happy and jumpy and happy, did I mention happy? :D

LOL. This few days I sooooo happy x) *jump up and down at the edge of the building* and I found out, I got that boyfie, that do all the things I always wanted to do with my ex, and and I finally it’s achieved. *GOAL* should put this in Bucketlist :D so I’m so happy, *jump up and down at the edge of a mountain*

Dreams use to be better than reality, but now I don’t even want to sleep :’)

We decided to write letters to each daily despite all the spamming in Facebook and texting, because we wanna collect more memories, :’)


KK. Gotta stop talking about Him :’) now wanna post pictures of momo the domo, he/she/wth is my Godchild :D

Cheng draw one :D

This is Momo the chocolate cake Domo :D what I’m planning to do with it :’)


So how’s life this few days? Tired? hmmmphh No, despite it’s exam season, I still feel the same. Maybe I’m not putting enough effort. I’m still procrastinate to study. wth. must throw away this bad habit, SPM is just around the corner D:

I’ve done with my 2nd vlog x) But I haven’t got the time to upload it, + I did, just not enough . T.T i hope I get to post it soon. Otherwise, it be like rotten and stuff and full with dust and and :( haiz, Dels say maybe my vlog resolution to high cause it’s set to i don’t know what size but it’s big. so I ‘d just adjust it to lower, hopefully it work x)

so how’s exam? it’s fine I guess except biology, chemistry and physics and and add math, wow. those subject nailed me –.- I feel so sad to not have brains like those dudes in class. HAIZ. sometimes feel like going to literature class. at least it’s better there :/ I think? LOL. I’m just too lazy maybe, that’s why nothing vomited out right. *trying to cheer self up*

This few days I keep on listening to Mei Guan Xi by Kenji Wu, Gei Wo Yi Ge Li You Wang Ji and and Ji Mo Bian Jie. wth all emo songs. :O I’m not emo, just tooo happy :’) I’m like this since before, very random, always happy Go lucky :’)

This is faith. I have faith in God, I have faith in my parents and in my close friends. I trust that they won’t hurt me and let me fall of the edge. I trust myself that I will have a happy life no matter what happens. Now faith is in my stomach :’) LOL. it’s just candy. Just now ISCF, teacher ask, “do you have faith in God? something something” I forgot. all I remembered is I’ve no shame when I held out my hands to receive faith :’)


me: WALK STRAIGHT WALK STRAIGHT WALK STRAIGHT *pass crowd don't wanna give way, MUST them give way to me cause they're younger* WALK STRAIGHT WALK STRAIGHT. *pass crowd* WALKK.. *shoulder give the boy knock* HOI WHY YOU NO GIVE WAY !!


So far, I believe I’ve lead a happy life with God in it and so far, I know I want God to always be in my life. “We Christians, we don’t care if we sit in a dump, as long as we get to worship God, that’s all that matters” :’)

Moral-of-the-story; Repent before it’s too late.

Dhaaaaa =]

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