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  Kuching lang prefer this
Posted at 5/02/2011 06:59:00 PM

Saw this video at Jun Fook's blog and couldn't resist on putting my finger into what has known for me for 16 years plus, what we Kuching lang prefer to taste =]

Restaurants in Kuching are limited. Even got cipalang restaurant. HOW?! We mostly have kopitiam's and cafe's here. Unlike KL, we also have less mamak's store. Until I don't even know what does that mean D:

FYI, This post is a non-halal post :D

We Kuchingians, love our food. Whenever we're outside Sarawak, or Kuching for that matter, we'll complain about not having our daily kolok mee.

For those who never tried this before, you don't know what you're missing. Kolok mee is tasty noodles, serve with minced pork, spring onions and slice pork. Since it's pork, it's non-halal. AWWWW.

It's hard to find this around Sarawak as I heard the best is only in Kuching. They're malays-made Kolok mee, HALAL of course and I've tasted it before, and I'm sorry, but it doesn't taste as good as this. MMMMMMMMM.

we also love our local Chicken Rice, Salad Chicken Rice and Mix Rice. 

Kuching Chicken Rice
The best so far I've tasted is at Food Bazaar, Spring, Shopping Mall. And I usually don't eat chicken rice because of the steam chicken cause I got influence by my mum. haha :D but fellow Kuchingians, you guys should go try the one at Spring =]

Salad Chicken Rice
I can never get bored of eating the crispy chicken skin. xD but this kind of chicken, sometimes should beware cause sometimes, hawker stalls owner tend to make them tastier by cooking them with plastic. =.=!! and so far, I never taste one in my whole life............. i think :D I still don't get why they called it Salad Chicken rice though, maybe they should decide on Mayonnaise Chicken Rice instead. hmmmmm one day one day :D

Mix Rice
My second favorite thing to order. xD but then, certain coffee shops, has certain things I usually order. Like whenever I go to Lee Coffee Shop, Tabuan Laru, I'll order salad chicken rice. LOL. or like whenever I go to Peach Garden, Jalan Song, I'll order Grill Pork/Chicken Rice. xD but anyways, mix rice is a mixture of pork, chicken, more pork intestines, and egg.

The last famous Sarawak cuisine, I'm gonna show now is Kueh Chap. :D my dad's favorite cause it has like a lot of types of different types sides of errrrrrrr, it's full with pork. and if you're a pork lover, you're sure a Kueh Chap lover too unless you're allergic to egg or soy sauce or flour. or maybe you don't like the way they cook it. UHHHMMM, well, Kueh Chap is definitely one of my favorite breakfast. :D

It has pork intestines, ear, meat, fat, everything but bones. xD 

Of course, the most common around Malaysia, would be the Laksa =]
wherever you go in Malaysia I guess, there's always Laksa . Same goes to Chicken Rice. LOL

I'm not a big fan of Laksa, but everytime they have it in school, I'll buy it. :D 
ok la I lied. T.T i do buy it in school, but not always :3

And all this gulp down with the ever-most famous Teh C Peng Layer 


well, I'm getting hungry. it's almost dinner time. YAY food. this post has definitely made me proud to be a Kuchingians/Kuchingnites. and Yes no spaghetti, no lamb chop, no caviar, can definitely beat Kuching yummies =]


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