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  Many in 1
Posted at 5/14/2011 09:46:00 PM

Today is the day, Today is the day, many of us waited. :’) Grace finally came home. lol. and and, I get to see her first apart from her family. LOL

This is my surprise for her. LOL. Balloons. some more I say that until the balloons deflate, she can think about her problems and cry about it. But after it all deflate, she must stay happy and don’t cry throughout her stay in Kuching. HEEE


Then noon, meet up with John, one of the bloggers and his friends and Lemon and his girl.(Nicky) together with Grace and JHH, :) Actually met up with John cause his and his friend shop, Regalo got opening ceremony. The items there are extremely cute want dai. but I’ll talk more later. Anyways, after I arrived manatwu they want close shop go lunch. HUH. we came at the right time :’)

we went to Meal Art, Jalan Song to eat. My first time there. lol

Random. :D

ahahahah Food/drink pictures time. :’)

JHH’s Honey Dew Milk

Lemon’s and Nicky’s Classic Bubble Tea

John’s friend (whom I didn’t get the name wth) Honey Ginger Tea.

My Ice chocolate.

When I first look at my drink, I was like thinking OKEY THE CUP IS TOO SMALL, I BET I FINISH DRINK FAST AND GET DEHYDRATED wth. then then at last, I couldn’t even finish it! never judge a cup by it’s body LOL

This was me trying to capture an artsy photo of my BBQ noodle to show the content but but, as you can see, you only can see John’s DSLR, LOL he’s taking photos for blog too. *High 5 for bloggers who take 15 minutes capturing photos of food and force friends not to eat just for the sake of blog!*

+My noodles tasted fine. But when you first tasted it, it taste weird. But then when you get used to the taste, you’ll want more. *Thumbsup

Another artsy photo of John’s friend Spicy noodles but failed cause got that stupid straw. zz =.=

Finally. A normal can see content photo of John’s Pork Belly Rice. It looks awkward. I didn’t ask John how it tasted like cause I forgot, but it looks awkward. ahahhaha x)

Purposely post this photo last. This is John’s cappuccino blend. It looks nice. and and I purposely post this last cause, BECAUSE OF THIS DRINK I NEARLY ENTER MY DEATH HOLE. wth. Grace was like, “ee da pian” and they all was like laughing and I was embracing my noodles while laughing and I got choke. .__________. some more they say my chocolate blend more like da pian. Ngaiti.


John and JHH. They were discussing money together. wth. I was like coming out of the toilet and say, “weeii don’t fight. money grows on tree you know” ahahah then John ask, “why I got extra RM10?” and I was like, “see I was right. Money do grow on tree” .

This is John side of the chair, he spilt his cappuccino :’)

Drunken Chicken :’)


Okey then we go help John prepare his shop for the opening ceremony at 3pm. LOL. Deserts :D

The chocolate pastry tasted like chocolate pastry, the fruit tarts oohhh la laaaa. and and wth I really felt like in heaven eating those pastries. :’)

all these ordered from,

Jenny Bean’s Desserts and Party :)

I got bring home leh :D now now , if you people try say I no shame de, don’t say first, cause it’s not I want to bring home. They were too kind x)

This is a fake cake display. Nice right !! Got one customer, he say want buy Angry Birds for me if I eat the top part of the cake. I was like, “Okey! promise ah” then I really go put the top part of the cake inside my mouth. wth me. I drunk maybe that time x) too much pastries. ahaha and the Angry birds are really cute Now, don’t go telling people I did that cause I scare they don’t wanna touch :’) HEY MY ANGRY BIRDS LEH wth


Okey break time. :D I realize that I need to stop talking otherwise my post will be dead long and I know some of you lazy read. wth so random pictures time :)

Regalo really sells loads of weird stuff ehh :D

JHH and Lomo :D

Me and JHH.

Pretty Nicky :3

again… me and JHH :)

Random. me and Grace.

Grace and I.

ahahahha They were having this meeting called, Mesyuarat Agung Yoyo. I told JHH and Grace, then I ended laughing alone, I think they don’t get my joke. D:

HMMMMMMMM. I want use JHH tagline first, “WIN LOL”

Me. My neck was sweaty, then Grace took a picture of me putting my hair in front. lol. i still pose there :3

Grace didn’t order drink, so this is her, drinking hot boil water to cleanse the utensils with chopsticks. xD

This is Lemon acting cute :3

Me and Grace =]

This is me cam-whoring with the lomo camera. Grace was like, “weii don’t waste film” and I was like, “uh oh” xD

This is Grace and pastry :D

Me and JHH. ee I look so uhm =.=

This is bear and JHH is molesting it. wth :3


Break time’s over kids! ahahahha After all the playing around and eating in Regalo, we went to Hung Fook seaweed and drinks to drink. ahahaha. I remember I ever go to that shop on 13th February, and complained about my day to the shop assistant and now it’s all in the past ;’)

Anyways, we were thirsty LOL.

My Ice coffee.


we went there, talking and talking and talking. Mostly me and Nicky. JHH just laugh and Grace’s played with JHH iphone. ahaha it was fun talking to her. She talks like an international exchange student :’)


Then we went back and saw 2 more bloggers, Sherrie(saw her before we went for a drink already ahah) and  Jun Fook. LOL. First time see Jun Fook, he’s like one of the famous bloggers. LOL oh2, so we cam-whored ;)

Sherrie :3 I forgot why I took this photo already xD

me, Grace and Sherrie.

Junfook and me :)


I’ll explained more on Regalo in my next post ;) I feel that this post is too long for my people to digest? ahahahhahaha

Moral-of-the-story; John say, “don’t meet people from the internet cause they lie one.” aahahaha WHAT. I lie to him I’ll go bald tomorrow, at the GoBald for cancer charity. ahahahha x) but then at least i got tell the truth then. he asked me go die. xD wth

DHaaaaaa =]

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