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Posted at 5/27/2011 05:42:00 PM

Dear Madam Chiang Yu Lian, I was hoping you could still teach me in form 4 and 5 cause I’m like dying in my science subject. During form 3, you made a girl who constantly failed Science in form 1 and 2, failed it like shizz. But in form 3, you made her got a B for PMR. Many thanks to you :]

Your last day huh? Wish you have great life and hope to see you around soon. :’) I’m gonna miss you. Despite the times, you use sarcasm on me, you changed my sit away from my close friends, etc You’re still the best and do remember to tell your grandkids or kids or etc, who bought you strepsils for Teachers Day Thanks Teacher, I love you :]


Less talk, more tears and crazy cam-whoring photos :]

They were gossiping AHAHAHAHAH :D

Eva with her brand new DSLR. i also want :(

Juliana with her brand old DSLR. I still want. D:

Me with not even mine DSLR. =.=

This is me weighing the DSLRs :D

This is me, captured by Phyllis who was playing with my camera :]

This is me with Juliana’s DSLR. :O p/s Eva is sleeping behind me :3

This is me capture by Eva, HAHA. Talk about centre of attention :P

This is me and my DSLR. what? not a DSLR? :( WHYYYYY you hurt my feelings. T.T FINEEEE. This is me and my camera :}

This is me modelling and helping to promote Eva’s DSLR :3

This is me and this is how I appear nerdy in school everyday :]

and lastly…………

This is Aloha Delicatesen pastries… and the sad teary thing about it is I didn’t get to eat cause I wasn’t eligible :’) HAIZ #foreveraloneandhungry


K after Madam Chiang’s retirement ceremony, me and JHH or we can just call him Xiong since it’s cuter :3 anyways, me and Xiong, we went to 101 for breakfast :] p/s that time was around 9.30am and already we’re aren’t allowed in the school compound wth

Xiong “skillfully” in-prompt-to candid me. And it turn out nice especially the one with the Teh C :3

So…… I wanted to “skillfully” in-prompt-to take a picture of him and and IT’S BETTER THAN HIS. :D or maybe cause he knows I take picture of him wth >.>

Anyways my kolok mee :]

Xiong ordered Kampua, and it was little but twice the price of mine. and mine is like RM2.50 pfffttt ahahahha and I ended laughing at him cause I eat first and he finish first and complain not enough :D but then, my kolok mee too sweet and my Teh C too no taste =.= #OPPOSITE

Then after food, we chill for a while then go walk walk around 101 area. Nothing much there =.= then we went into some Korean shop and play with the thing inside. YAY us HAHAHAHHA. :3 then we go Choice Premier and play with the thing inside. And this all lasted for an hour :PP I poked on random things that if that random things has Facebook, I would already get block by it :’)

Me and Xiong :D see when I look so nice, he look so dull =.= CURSES

So I forced him to laugh and I look retarded =.= p/s spot that we are at the wine section :D

Then we got chase out for poking every piece of meat around and being annoying with all the loud laughter's and cam-whoring too much bored of Choice Premier so we went to 7Eleven and play there while waiting for my father :P

YAY us cam-whoring. :] soon this little boy would mastered all cam-whoring skills and it would all be Thanks to me :’) anyone else interested to learn how to cam-whore? :D


“You alone happy enough already, There’s no need for you to care about me. I’m just that person who once entered your life and for you I no longer exist anymore”

HAHA. Eva shot a beautiful emo picture of me. and I just had to find the right quote for it. BTW I’m not emo :]


Moral-of-the-story; Good things come to those who wait.

Dhaaaaaaa =]

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