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  Mommy’s dinner out
Posted at 5/09/2011 07:03:00 PM

Last night, to celebrate my mum’s coming birthday and Mother’s Day we went to Basaga Restaurant. Nice :)

The atmosphere at Basaga. It’s one of the romantic dining spot specially for couples on their first date or couples proposing and stuff. But last night, I guess everybody had the same in mind, “Take mum to Basaga to celebrate” :P


We’re sisters cause we love to cam-whore :)


This is what my sister got for my mum. A pendant or something. :P


I gave my mum what I bought for her yesterday, and she jumped for joy in heart and asked me when I buy? LOL :P Guess my buy a book and roll it in a small plastic lying by saying that the shop no plastic, just to hide the present works. :D


Less talking more photos on the way :D


Food pictures that’s bound to make you feel slurpishlishfish :O (foods/drinks are arrange according to the sequence when it comes)

Sister’s Ceaser Salad. Girls and their diets with salads. pffft

Mum’s lemonade.

Dad’s stout. I thought it was cola at first but my sister clearly pointed out that Guinness is a stout brand. WHAT SORRYLA. :P

My blackened fish fillet. LOL. the lemon at the side, I thought it was tofu ==”

Me and my little siblings ordered chocolate shake. Nyum

My sister’s vanilla shake. I prefer vanilla, :( not that I don’t like chocolate, it’s just that, I think Vanilla drink/ice-cream is awesome :)

Mum’s nachos.

My little sister and dad ordered Basaga steak. Make that Basaga extra thick and tough steak :O

My brother’s fish and chip.


I’m in love with Kelly Clarkson :D

Moral-of-the-story; Read jugs/cups/mugs label before ask what is inside. :O

Dhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa =]

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