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  My cooking :D
Posted at 5/02/2011 12:27:00 AM

WHAT !! Don’t laugh la. I know how to cook edible food also keii !! D:



My mum’s in Sibu cause it’s my ah ma birthday, hmmm didn’t go cause have school :( GAY. and my dad wasn’t home. LOL . freelance reporter so busy =.= and he only bought us an ugly looking fry noodles and even ugly looking fry rice !! so I decided to be chef today :)


There was nothing much in the fridge considering my mum is gone nothing at home is in order, so I just simply cook whatever there is. xD I crave mix vege :( but there wasn’t any brocolli, cauliflower, and baby corn. HAIH. only cucumber and lady finger. and I HATE CUCUMBER cause they’re ugly and they hate me :(

well, photo time :D

My working station :D

I mainly use butter and didn’t use oil today and I was being extra careful with the heat cause I don’t want the butter to burn D: + i purposely use butter also cause that butter eat with bread no taste. lol

Chop those lady fingers :D well, this is one vege that has a female in it ;) Geddit? xD HAHAHAHAHA no? hummm. nevermind =.=

Fry. Fry. Fry :D

I add egg :D cause I’m gay with eggs :D

Next I cook eggs itself :D this is a perfect bullseye egg i so proud of myself ;)

FAIL D: can never get it right. T.T

Planning to chop the nuggets because there is nothing in my life that has a full heart shape but I got lazy xD

Fry. Fry. Fry. Yes, I fried the nuggets, with eggs too :D I’m a total gay :D and I proud. *flips hair*

Tadang !! :D  everything got egg even the ones my dad tapao. lol

I so haolian about my cooking being edible, I send this photo as an MMS to Cheng, Delson, JHH and even my MUM ;D

I should cook more. :)

Dhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa =]

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