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  A new family member
Posted at 5/07/2011 11:41:00 PM

Life stops when you stop dreaming, hope ends when you stop believing, love ends when you stop caring, friendship ends when you stop sharing.


I went to PC Fair this afternoon with my dad and little siblings :) before we arrived my dad warn us, “don’t buy anything ah. just see only” and we give no response. In my head was all like, “I don’t care. Imma get my camera no matter what” Hahaha :D

When we arrived, I waited a while for Fook cause he promised want chia me kueh :D YAY lol. then when he left, Delson came to do a survey on laptops. Daddy did a survey on phones. =.= and in the end he bought an HTC.

His HTC on my lap. He intended to buy an Iphone 4 but he needs to pay use cash and he’s like not enough cash wanna use card but can’t. sweat. So yeaaa. But I think HTC is better cause of its android. I heard people mostly chase android now instead of Iphone software. :3

Then I went looking for the Sony J Series I’ve been eye-ing for 3 months :) and guess what :D I got what I wanted. but I felt a little guilty after that cause it’s like I got it without doing anything or like things I need to do before receiving a present. but Dels say, I need to be selfish sometimes. swt =.=

Tadaaaa I couldn’t get a photo of my camera cause I lazy use phone capture. LOL. I just show you the box enough la. :D FYI all the photos I took in today post is taken from this very little cutie :)

In the car, me and my sister was playing with the poor thing…. LIKE CRAZY ! ahahahahaha :D

HEYY this gives me an idea of doing the Facebook profile banner :D

So act cute :D

And if you’re wondering, No? You’re not wondering. hmmmpphh. Well, No we didn’t buy Domo at PC Fair, don’t bring your mum there to buy cause PC Fair only sells computerwares. and ummm, after PC Fair I asked daddy go Jalan Song a while want meet Yong to get that Domo for Cheng. so big ah that domo !! lol. he still dare say want burn my house if I bully his son, Domo wtf not grateful la him :3 hahahaha so yea, we were acting cute with it cause it’s not like everyday I get a doll whom needs to be pass to it’s owner. Right? so no crime here :D

After than, we go kopitiam limteh :D want wait for my sister to finish her class but it turns out she finish at 6pm. and that time is like 4++ whatherr lol

LokLok :D


Less cam-whore photos of me cause I was too lazy to cam-whore. Oily face and all :S


Domo and the teddie I sleep with every night. :’)


They close their ears, close their eyes and shut their brain off. They pretend to forget what hurts them before and still hurt them now. Their smiling because they don’t want to lose anything. Because they know, trust is the most important thing now. And they keep on trusting even though they know, things aren’t the same anymore.


Moral-of-the-story; You torture yourself every night with crying because you know it’s the only way out.

Dhaaaaaaaaaa =]

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