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Posted at 5/26/2011 07:16:00 PM

My exams just finish, and even so, it’s not yet time to call for a celebration even though the next 2 weeks are holidays. :( SPM is around the corner and I’m still not ready yet. As a matter of fact, I’m not even ready to grow up. But I am more than enough ready to get my driving licence. LOL


Anyways, one rainy afternoon(not today), I got so many time in the world and was #foreveralone –ing at home :(

So because I had nothing to do,  I cam-whored with the clothes outside :D

And then I got bored of cam-whoring because non of the pictures were pretty :( #notprettywth Maybe I just have #notalent in cam-whoring. –self cheering- or maybe I’m just not pretty *CRIES* swt

Oh then, I saw that the skies were getting gayer greyer so I really had to think of something cause Astro couldn’t pick up any channel when there’s rain + streamyx damn slow on a rainy day –.-

So I quadri-text :O

And calling….

And I finally got the calling :D err I mean texting… ARR I mean text. :) –lazy close flash- Anyways, Fook send me this text cause I insisted on deep-frying Oreos with flour like I read in some blogs. :P but my house no flour and Fook don’t want to buy for me, so he send me this text –.- So I went searching for ingredients :D

Eggs,sugar, salt, margarine :D

Oh! Not to forget the bread :3 YAY Uncle Cat LOL I hate that bread, Got cheese above, =.= bread like that last a long life in my house, don’t know why my father still buy wth

This is the Green Pan (not Green =.=) I’m not allowed to use cause I don’t know? I’m not allowed too :( But I use it anyway, HAHA Breaking the rules once or twice doesn’t hurt anyone, Right? :D

First I cover the pan with margarine :) YAY my favourite part…. some how :3

Then I beat the eggs, sprinkled some salt and sugar. :) FYI, this is my first time knowing that you can actually put sugar in eggs #failhousewife :3

Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3

And bread+egg is serve. I’m really proud of myself. xD now I know I can cook almost fail lunch and maybe perfectly good breakfast :D YAY progress. #sweat

SorryLa I noob T.T who ask my parents never let me play in the kitchen xD

Then my parents came back, and I wasn’t #foreveralone anymore and just when I wanted some peace, all the noise come back again :’) oh and they bought me i don’t know what black pepper chicken. I prefer eating salad over this –.- p/s i hate salads :(


K laaaaaa. :D

This few days nothing much BTW, just pure happiness 24 hours :]

DHaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :)

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