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  Re-Galo, House of Gifts
Posted at 5/14/2011 10:00:00 PM

This is Regalo. It’s established a long time ago but only today is it’s opening ceremony. I guess they just want to make it super perfect. But it is super perfect already since before.

Regalo sells all kinds of lomo camera specially for Lomographers in Kuching. They also sell weird things like noses. Nice. and the thing I like about Regalo is that, they sell cool plushies like angry birds and spongebob and patrick and hippos etc. They also sell key chains, mugs, souvenirs. Altogether Regalo is a heart-warming(for it’s architecture) and one of the most awesome shops.

A collection of lomo photos!

Teddie sitting like a boss.

Hippo with belly :D

This should be their shop logo.

Congratulating flower.

And I like this the most. This is a window at the upper part of their shop. It looks so homey. :)

Regalo is one of the most eye-catching and eye-worthy shops to visit. Do visit them if you’re at Kuching or you are in Kuching, Sarawak. They’re located at OneJaya, Jalan Song, Kuching =]



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