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  SMKP DPHA Gapor, Hari Guru 2011
Posted at 5/19/2011 01:18:00 PM

The national date to celebrate Teachers day(Hari Guru) nationwide is on 16th of May. A day before my mother’s birthday, and that’s why I always remember both dates. xD anyways, my school celebrated it yesterday. it was okey I guess. I’ve no feelings actually. hahah . for those who didn’t come, ahemChengahem, you didn’t miss anything, so you don’t need to worry so much. xD


As a prefect, our duties during any celebration is to make a line like a pathway for the teachers to walk in between. FYI The pink lady is my headmistress :3

This is in-the hall condition :) it wasn’t as pack as a tin of sardine as I would expected cause all the students in the school combined. + it seems like the students are lesser than on Wednesday assembly. This could only bring to one conclusion, “ponteng” XD when I got back home yesterday, my mum asked me , “why –insert neighbour name who went to the same school- didn’t go to school?” and I answered, “Cause we got Hari Guru today” then she was like, “Why you want to go?” and I was like, “ERRRRR” LOL.

I use my panoramic view function to make this photo :D *haolian*

Uztaz doa-ing, Pembacaan Perutusan dari Kementerian Pelajaran Sarawak(don’t know how to say xD) by Encik Suhaimi, Pembacaan Perutusan dari Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia, Dato Muhyiddin by Cikgu Chin Chee Leong and the last without picture one is Pembacaan Perutusan dari Perdana Menteri, Dato Najib, by Cikgu Peter. LOL. I think like that la. ahahah. I’m going to do a report for the school with that I-think info later :D

Some I-didn’t-get-to-watch-cause-I-was-busy-camwhoring-video. I think it’s some funny stuff the teachers did cause the students were ROFL like hell. xD

The 5 Alpha-ians choir-ing the song Country Roads. Which is a nice song and I think the last time I heard the full version of it, was when I was in primary school. And old songs Gives Me Hope I don’t know why? xD but I get easily touched to an old song especially if it’s a sappy song D:

Speech by the Head Boy of all Prefects and speech by Cikgu Rosmawati. I know the head boy speech on behalf of all the prefects, but I couldn’t find any reason for Cikgu Rosmawati speech. I’m sure it was a good reason if only I could figure out why. xD I shall call her later to ask. hahaha. #BadReportercamwhoring

Our school headmistress. Oh! she received a flower from the Prefectorial Board. A pink one too! I think got pandan leaf also in it. :O But it was indeed pretty :)

Now’s the teachers turn to entertain us. :D Clubbing Teacher leads them in entertaining us. UHMM, first the teacher read some teacher oath, then sing some songs. :)

More panoramic-ing :D see clubbing teacher at the front lol. i don’t know what’s his name but the way he wears clothes to school is cool. it’s as if his going clubbing. haha. the afternoon session called him, Cikgu G6. :D but mind you, he’s one of the strict teacher. I think…. I always see him bring rotan :O

YAY Cakey :D Got 3 cakes, and some of the photographers get to taste them. and I didn’t get it cause I don’t like to squeeze in between just to take photos of cakey. Itsokey, I ate cake the night before. :) +There were loads of photographers yesterday. Got Cybershot group(me xD and some other people) and DSLR group(>.>) and etc.

Where all the teachers go :( LOL. ahahahha

YeeLing the chubby prefect carrying the tray thingy so cute and funny :D ahaha. btw, those pressies were cute little tupperware and a cupcake :O and they were given to each teachers. AWWWW.

Then it’s the 4 Alpha-ians turns to sing. :O never knew they were talented. haha. they sang Miley Cyrus, When I look at you and some Glee song. :)

This is the 4 Beta-ians singing some song for the late Cikgu Awang. :/ anyways, The big picture above is a picture of the sun about to fall on them :D or …. it could just be my finger covering the lens. D: HAIZ. okey, there’s 4 Alpha and 5 Alpha doing performance. And there’s 4 Beta doing it too. Where’s 5 Beta ?! D: #sad

This is the OKU students doing a forum speaking. If you ask me how, well, they were doing their sign language thingy while the emcee translates it for us. Awesome :) tho I didn’t quite hear what they were saying, was busy talking to JHH. :D

This is one of the 5 Alpha-ian, Christian Louis. He’s one of my primary school classmate but he moved to another school around primary 5. And then this year, he move back . :D BTW, he’s an awesome singer. He sang, Kau Ilhamku while twisting the mic wire. But he did look so passionate :)

Datin Diana(also a teacher at school) giving her speech and the student pictures below are them saying “SELAMAT HARI GURU” to the teachers :) Awwwwww.

K then it was done :D


After the Teachers Day assembly, some of the class partied in the hall. PIZA WTH but I didn’t get to eat them cause I didn’t get to eat them. T.T I didn’t get eat anything except some chips, and I bought myself a nasi lemak T.T then go wait for Syazwi until he’s done with his party cause I need him to photograph me and Mel interviewing the Headmistress. LOL. but then, out of the grey(LOL) and peace, Hui Yii called me to go to her class AKA JHH class. LOL. and I was like, “Ergh so lazy” to Mel cause we were relaxing. + It was raining. :(  but then, I asked her, “Got food?” and she was like, “GOT” okey loeee. LOL

But they forgot to mention only fruit cake and chicken lookalike cake left. D: I hate fruit cakes. REMEMBER MY BIRTHDAY 14TH OCTOBER DON’T BUY ME FRUIT CAKE. LOL.

KK. then we go meet the headmistress. then after that done. =] I went home. He hold umbrella for me :’) but my leg still wet :O I never like umbrellas. Their just gay…. =.= Use or no use pun still same. wth


Random pictures taken by my camera :)

Wilma so pretty :3 the DSLR more pretty :D ahaha JK

Me & Vanessa. The reason behind this photo: Our eyes were looking at the other side because we saw handsome dudes walking :D so this is our see-handsome-dudes-face :D LOL. JK. Got two camera baa, we don’t know which to focus on :O

Husna being gay with Eva =]

Seeee. Toldcha Husna was being gay with Eva :O

Me and cutie Andrea :3 some how she reminds me of me. xD

Michelle and Me =]

Me and Melvina =]

Me and Joshua =]

Ling Geok Chiah and Me =]

Me and Eva =]

My add maths teacher, Ms Pui and Me. =] when I showed her this picture she asked me to photoshop make her slimmer. LOL. and I was like, Nawww. She’s cute, if make slimmer sure become ugly :) (+ i no photoshop wth T.T)

Husna and me =]

DSLR and Juliana :D

Reporter cam-whoring :D


Candid pictures of me and some pictures of me photobomb-ing people :D

Wilma take :D

My camera :D

I forgot what I was doing :O oh2, maybe do the catch fly mouth, –> :O ,, XD

me and Eva. Taken using Eva camera =]

Candid by Eva :D … So this is how my behind looks like. :O Interesting =]

You believe or not if I say this is a candid photo? :D ahahahhaa. if me, I also don’t believe. LOL. This me and Yee Thien filming a short video for Teachers Day, receiving present and stuff. LOL. anyways, I saw Syazwi pointing his DSLR to my direction and I couldn’t resist :D

This is me photo-bombing of the century :D JHH was posing with the headphones(haolian) then I suddenly walk to him, manatwu capture this photo :D

Oh2, then JHH want borrow phone call his mum ;D the normal phone, he go and slide the screen, AHAHAHHAHAH wth :’) some more he go and scold the phone noob :3 HAHA. –The awkward moment when JHH slides a normal phone :’)


Anyways yesterday when I came, got spotcheck =.=” So hardworking the discipline teacher wth . and I panic, ahahha. xD luckily I meet Juliana. Then I used her Hello Panda to put my phone in. :D #awesome

1st picture is Eva taking a picture of me taking a picture of her. :D 2nd picture is me taking a picture of Eva taking a picture of me taking a picture of her :D


Anyways, few weeks ago I ordered cupcakes for myself, but that form was actually meant for teachers wth. :3 anyways, I ordered cupcakes :D and I got it. YAY. This time I wrote on the description,

To Priscilla. Superfragilisticespielidocious and smile always :) #foreveralone. From Priscilla” :D

and it was so light, I couldn’t resist shaking it cause it was so light. :O

I even played with it with Ken :D See 1st picture me rejecting my cupcakes that he pretended was his. and 2nd picture is me pretending to throw my cupcakes which he pretended was his. :D

KK enough play-play. So he then accompany me (with the camera-woman;Ling Geok Chiah) to opening the box of cupcakes. :O

Anticipation, Anticipation, Anticipation, Shock and WAHLAH.. What a surprise. –.-

My sweat face :D and and okey la. I think it was worth it, FYI I paid RM2.50 for it . those who paid RM4, comes with 3 cupcakes and an apple. xD An apple a day keeps the doctor away. x)


Sometimes even one simple moment like walking under the rain can strengthen two loves =]

Moral-of-the-story; Never get used to touch screens until you forgot how to used a normal phone. xD

Dhaaaaaaa =]

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