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  Think twice before decide
Posted at 5/31/2011 03:29:00 PM
Believe me when they say a minute for a girl is an hour :)

Anyways, I went out yesterday with Xiong, Cheng, Fook, Phyllis. And the down part about it is my dad made me promise it be my last time. :'( NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SPM YOU DUH GAY, LOL

Xiong arrived first ahahha, then Fook. Then they had to wait for the girls including me. LOL. Anyways when I arrived, and was on the way to MBO, I received a text from Michelle my Facebook friend. She said she saw me at Spring. LOL. and yes, we met for the first time yesterday :')


Anyways, at first me and Xiong wanted to watch Voice from the grave while Cheng, Fook and Phyllis wanted to watch Pirates of the Caribbean. But MBO online lied, they say got Voice from the grave but actually don't have ;( and and Pirates movie sold out. xD so we all watch The Priest together =.=

Based on the comic book by Min-Woo Hyung, Priest centers on a warrior priest (Bettany) who disobeys church law by teaming with a young sheriff (Gigandet) who is part vampire and a priestess to track down a band of renegade vampires who have kidnapped the priest's niece. (source here)

It wasn't really my taste of movies. HMMMMMM, I regretted choosing it though. Itsokey, there weren't any nicer movies showcase. and and KUNGFU PANDA IS GAY I'M SORRY D:

I rate this movie 1/5 ahahahha x)
At the starting, I played Xiong's iphone game. From Ninja Fruit to Sims 3. and then back to Ninja Fruits and I lose like WTH. and when I lose a game, I tend to hit/stomp ground/move as an action of revolting from the loosing. Anyways, I moved a lot until the next person who was sitting a bit far then me and HIM, shone a flashlight at us. WTH. ahaha and then I started to shutup, keep still and concentrate. xD hahaha and and SPOILER ALERT, the priest niece, is actually his wedlock daughter. ;) sorry HAHA

Anyways, before movie, Aaron promised to buy me coffee at OldTown, so me and Xiong with Aaron went to OldTown while the rest don't know eat what. LOL

Look! It's Aaron. xD


Aaron's Coffee Milk Tea

Xiong's Ice Lemon Tea

My Enrich Chocolate. :]
I tend to order this everytime I come because my mum don't like to by IpohTown Chocolate flavour coffee. LOL

Aaron's lunch. Spicy Noodles Meat loaf + Egg. 
Noodles look like maggie, hahaa

Since I've had lunch before coming out, so I wasn't that hungry. But this Toast with Condensed Milk called my name. D:


Commercial Break ;)


Anyways, after movie, we walked round Spring. Which I am bored of it already =.= Lucky I don't go to Spring that often. HAHA

Then we went into Parkson@ToysRus section and play there :D 
This is a picture of kiddy Cheng playing with the hammer that everytime you bang it, there's a tune singing. LOL. when we look at all the stuff this generation kids are playing and wearing, and compare to us when we were younger, our generation should be sued. ahaha get what I mean? LOL I wonder what the next generation kids are playing/wearing. Maybe they'll be playing stuff like Left4Dead or Dota at the age of 3 D: wth...... who knows, who knows.


Then we settled down at Food Bazaar. :)

My Ice Kacang :D 

Fook's Chocolate Shave Ice-cream :)

Phyllis spicy Thailand Kueh Tiaw + seafood + vege :O

Cheng's drink. I forgot to ask what's this. But I think it's oreo, cause it tasted like one. :P


Fook candid one. :D haha. In my camera, there's like a whole lot of pictures of her. :O Fook Fook :P
But I only post the pretty ones. YES CHENG YOU ARE PRETTY :) Cheng was like, "if she post my pictures on blog, I'll breakup with you" to Fook :P
p/s I like Phyllis shirt :O the grey one with the pink bunny :D

Anyways, we wasted Xiong's iphone battery cause that's how we roll :D ahahaha LOL. nola, who ask his Iphone got so many nice games :P

First I play Tap Tap Revenge with Xiong. I kept on loosing D: so I said to him , "You better let me win or else I break up with you" ;) HAHA. But he still didn't let me win. ERRRRRRRRR D'; 
then we play this one game, Stupidness which really make me think that I'm stupider than a 5th grader :') WHAT, that game really stupid baaa. =X it even requires you to do stuff like, (see picture below)

Things like, PUT EVERYTHING OUT OF THE BOX, shake the Iphone downwards to get everything out from the box =.= also got one part, COVER SUN USE UMBRELLA. you need to put the Iphone above your head. :O hahaha wth~ Nice game la anyways, miss it :( Android market don't have that application. HAIZ.

Two of my sisters were there too :) but I wasn't with them. HEE. but then we watched the same movie too! LOL

Fook look so cute with my ribbon :D

*poke*poke* :D -too much Facebook-


Have been giving him cam-whore lessons :D and how-to-be-Priscilla lessons too. LOL sweat me x)
Anyways, it's almost our 1st monthsarry. LOL. Pray I'll work it this time aite ;)


The Gawai decorations that has been up in Spring since like early of the month already :)
And Gawai Dayak is tomorrow :D YAY can't wait ;)

Moral-of-the-story; Think twice before you decide what's going to happen next. Because once it happens, it won't turn back anymore again :)

Dhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :)

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