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Priscilla Tawie
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I w r i t e for a living!
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Forgive me, I was young.


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  Walking past time
Posted at 5/06/2011 07:21:00 PM

As I finish my test this morning, my head just tilt to the left looking down from a 2 storey floor building, and I saw the afternoon sessions. And I stare at them and sigh, time has walk pass me and I didn’t even notice anything. 5 years seems like 5 days. All the things that I do every single day, one day it’ll be gone. :’)

Time VS Pris


Today is a Friday and I survive a day without online-ing :D but then, I can’t survive longer so I went online this morning and got scolded wtf


I got so emo yesterday :’) Tears was pouring down. Maybe it was meant to be good, but I took it the negative way. But things work out, and I didn’t want to fight, because he’s my friend and all. The words he pours out, still hurts me. It hurts me more, when he said, we won’t be like usual. :’)


Today school is okey. Exam bo :P then got ISCF. ahhhh, ISCF always makes me can’t wait for Sunday, for church :)

OH2, Friday Friday Friday :D

Nothing much la to blog about. Just wanna update my thoughts =] oh! i’m currently in a relationship with a young person ;) Of all the 10000+ people in a crowd, we found each other


Sorry la! my drawings sucks :3 when I got time, I’ll draw more suckish drawings :D


Moral-of-the-story; Nobody is left behind.

DHaaaaaa =]

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