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Posted at 6/04/2011 11:53:00 PM

The story behind the picture; The morning of the very happy day. My dad was busy at our family Barber shop. Loads of people even the British soldiers and our very own Malaysian soldiers came in for a fresh hair cut. I myself, had already picked up a nice dress and was twirling it at our shop mirrors. "YES FINALLY THE MALAYSIA VERY OWN INDEPENDENT HAS BEEN GRANTED. YES! THE TASTE OF FREEDOM" I said as I was imitating the sounds that came from the local radio. Finally I breath to myself, No more sirens alarming us of bombings, and Japanese and especially no more WAR.  Malaysia has gain independent. And we had Tungku Abdul Rahman to thank for. No more tortures, no more exploitation, no more waking up to smells of sodium. And no more Japanese that kept on harrasing my dad to cut their hair for free. 


The real story behind the picture; Just some old barber shop my little brother cut his hair at in Tabuan Jaya. :P LOL. and No, my dad doesn't own his own Barber Shop, he doesn't even know how to cut hairs *remembering the time he cut mine* and No, I don't know how it felt like to wake up smelling sodium, or maybe I do. Fire-crackers during Chinese New Year . LOL 

and FYI, the story above got me a 3rd place during the Merdeka essay writing competition 2 years ago. :') Was really proud. HAHA. LOL, National Day is still a long way to go, and I'm already feeling a little patriotic. :D 


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