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  Ballet Performance
Posted at 6/11/2011 11:50:00 PM

Just got back from my first time going to a Ballet Performance by Layna Ballet Academy. It's my first and I'm really impress by the ballerinas, although my sister's aunty said they were lifeless. The performance that took my breathe away was the Snow White and 7 dwarfs musical. 
I hope I get the chance to attend a ballet performance in the future. :)
And no, I don't want to join Ballet because, just seeing those ballerinas doing a split, it already hurts my legs what more to say if I were to do it :P

I finally re-customize my template this afternoon with the theme as usual, Paris City of Love while watching drama online. And I'm finally satisfied. Found out the problem on why I couldn't upload the background because of my Picasa album out of memory. D: haiz. so I deleted a few my old background just so I could upload it. LOL

I was so devastated when dady said he couldn't send me for Youth. :( 
I can't wait to go to Church tomorrow. Huh~ 

Anyways, I intended to end my post there, but I just couldn't bear to see my post so short even though it's SHORT UPDATE. -.- I like things long. :P (pun unintended)
Here's some food picture of Meal Art, Jalan Song. A very nice Taiwanese restaurant I went to this evening :)

My chocolate ice blend :)

His hot milo :)

My dad's pork belly rice :)

My bro's mix pork rice, I assume?

My Taiwanese Spicy Noodles :)

My sister's beef noodle. :)


Okey done :D
Smile cause you know nothing can stop you from being sad :)


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