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  Camping here i come
Posted at 6/06/2011 11:37:00 AM

I found this little baby, I mean not me found, my neighbours found them on my sister car. It looks like a rat, but it's actually a kitten. :')

Anyways, I'm going to Bau for a camp later on. Will not be online for 4 days. D:
Not sure also, if there got reception line also but if anything can text me. YES EVEN THO YOU DON'T HAVE MY NUMBER. :D just dial, P-R-I-S-C-I-L-L-A-M-O-O and you got me :))

Before I go, I wanna make sure everything is alright ;') 

Cheng ah, you don't naughty fight with people ok? :D no matter how hard they piss you off. You must guai-guai listen to what your mum say. xD and don't always emo because I know when I at there I won't get to be emo with you. so you can't be emo! :') I love you dear :') BTW, ask fook take good care of you :D I don't trust Yong LOL 

Colleen/xiiao May, you also don't emo. :') I love you ba. :D and I also care for you. remember drink 1 whole bottle of fever and rest a lot ya dear :) 

Grace&Catherine, Take care you two . I love you guys 

and Lastly, Han Xiong. :D 
YAY our 1st monthsarry. I go honeymoon alone x) Take care, and make sure Cheng don't emo #foreveralone LOL. kk.... I love you 

cheeekeen, i really do over-react ;( it's just 4 days and I'm acting as if I'm leaving the world. ahahaha


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