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  Happy Gawai all :D
Posted at 6/02/2011 10:27:00 PM
Picture was taken on Gawai eve, 31/5/11. 
This is one of the Dayaks/Sarawak Natives tradition, during Gawai Eve, everyone YES EVERYONE including the little ones must gather together and wait for 12am, then on the strike of 12, we must drink a very common drink called "Tuak" or also known as rice wine. And it's very icky =.= 

See what I mean by icky :P

BTW, Happy today is the 2nd day of Gawai Dayak :D


Domo :D wanna try this pose, LOL
Yesterday was the 1st day of Gawai(1st of June), and my house got do open house :D although we slept at around 1am+ the previous night because we got back late from my cousin house, we weren't given a chance to wakeup late. LOL. my open house lasted from 11am till 1am :') officially it's only until 5pm, but my brother friends....... hahahaha :D

YAY food 
Nasi goreng ada, mee goreng ada, ayam goreng ada, daging ayam ada, mix vege ada, tauhu kicap ada, honey the dew pun ada :D

From 11am till around 2pm, guest non-stop coming. I feel so touched. xD ahahhaa :D luckily we had enough food and drinks :)) was quite tired when entertaining them :')

Anyways, most of the guest were my mom's friends, my relatives, less though cause most of them are on a vacation to Bali wth =.= , and my friends, (people I actually know) that came were Xiong, Cheng, Fook, Grace and even John :D YAY I more touched :))

Guest were still eating, this Fook already settle down at my dad office site to play dota using my pink lappie :D John keep on saying that dota is a bad game, not healthy, if play will always scold bad word etc all the bad stuff. suddenly, he hold the laptop and play dota abit. HE KNOWS HOW TO PLAY =. = wth, we all scold him hypocrite :P

Random of the day :)


Anyways, Cheng and Xiong came a little bit later x)) and I never knew how much Xiong and my mum resembles :O their eyes especially. walao. he can be my brother liao :D

Cheng ah, your boyfie.... is gay-ing my little brother :')

Anyways, late in the afternoon my big sis drove us to play at ONeJaya :) me and Cheng non-stop talking. HAHA. me and Xiong less talk wth. Cheng say cause we always text. but then, me and Cheng always text, how come when meet still got many things to say? :D hahaha

After we got back from ONeJaya my brother friends came. :) there were loads of em! is like, the filled out the living room lol. they stayed till 1am, Awesome x) my last friend stayed till 8pm+, Xiong :D then I go so grumpy and stuff, cause I was tired, :O

Blur @.@
taken using my phone D: after Cheng went home, Fook text with her until can sleep on my sofa :'3 ahahahahah Yeaaa, he must be tired too. :)

I can make a keychain into a necklace and treasure it forever. I know you can lie about it, but so can I. :]
I never hope for you anymore, Never wish  for you anymore, and I hope I'm not just saying it.

Sorry for anybody whom I've hurt before, I didn't mean it, I'm sorry... Time has drifted us far enough. I'm sorry maybe I'm the one who should be blame for not going against time with you, or maybe you're just not happy with somethings. 

It's my family photo taken on Gawai Eve. and and I wanna be in the
picture too :D

Moral-of-the-story; Know the truth, Know the answer. :)


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