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  I am dead
Posted at 6/20/2011 05:58:00 PM
I have been abandoning my little baby for a week already and I feel so bone cracking. 
I'm sorry blog 
ahahahha sorry to blog, not to readers :PP ahahhaha

This few days seems normal to me, except I gotten to love sleep a lot especially in the afternoon, no talking about chances to sleep in the morning, :| 
And also I've gotten more serious this time. My exam papers that came back were disappointing, I'm a disappointment. I'm sorry. I've finally awaken back to reality and I'm going to try my best. Wish me luck :)


I think I'm about to see one of the most epic fights about why girls can't let go of the past and forgive like how boys do. Well, there's a saying that, "The problem with girls is they think too much, and the problems with boys is they think too less" . another one is, "Girls forgive to easily, boys forget to easily". It's not our problems we're damn sensitive right? :P
The problem is we value a moment deeply, and even though it didn't last, we still appreciate it because we know it's what's keeps us from what we are today. 
From those memories, we learn to walk by ourself, and trust no one but ourself. we learn to take precaution, and we even learn to be stronger. Those memories teach us to be a better person. 
So we would be ready if we meet the right one :)
You know people make mistakes, whatever is you gotta forgive them over and over because that is what God's want us to do. If we don't forgive them, touch their hearts to not to do it again, who else would?

So last night HE called me AGAIN. He brought back all the pain. He made me feel so painful. 
And the words that makes me feel in pain isn't the one when he says he misses me but the one when he told me that, if his girlfriend doesn't know anything, then it doesn't hurt anyone. 
I mean like, DUH. why you have to treat the poor girl like that? :/
She didn't do anything wrong.
What am I to do. T.T

But I don't care about him anymore. He's in the past. And I'm glad I've found new people to replace the old ones. Cheng Siok Theng especially. We got a lot in common I figured. I love her no matter what other people say :) 
The others like Han Xiong, Cassandra, Delson, Colleen, Grace, Catherine. I mean, what am I going to do without them? I love them all. I don't wanna walk this earth solo without them 

This rant is going no where . And it's getting boring if I keep on ranting about my life, some more no pictures! ahahaha. but this few days the line really damn sucks :')
And because of that, I lazy online. 

Remember, less connections, less pain :)

So how's life ?
Life is fine. I'm down with the fever. and today, I brought a roll of newly toilet papers to school to blow my nose with and guess what, Cass got the flu too! and from me :D
So we shared my toilet paper and make it as thin as a bamboo stick. ahahaha Like seriously :0

I will never know how to eat pills :')
Even my dad still feeds me my medicines. He just love to do that. ahahhaa. 
I still need him around me. HEY, who else is going to catch me when I fall right? :)


Moral-of-the-story; Believe in God and you'll be save.


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