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  I'm not a nerd
Posted at 6/04/2011 11:40:00 PM

I didn't even know it, But since 27 May until 5 June, there's been an exhibition at Permata Carpark, Kuching. A very very can make me so excited till I die exhibition. I bet you all can guess it already, It's the Popular Bookstore Exhibition :DDD YESH AND I LOVE BOOKS. I so love em I wish I can just molest them ;)  just kidding. I ain't that obsessive ;)

Anyways, I got stuck at the novel version. HAIH. and also the stock clearance site. :O

Anyways, we over-shooted our RM300 budget :') Thanks to my little siblings for buying stuff they don't even need. HAHA. *points at stupid stationary* :P my mother even called me and asked where are we and did we buy anything, FYI SHE'S IN MIRI. I guess her "someone over-excessively use money without my permission" sense is tingling :O 
anyways, I bought 4 books for myself. YAY me and after this for sure I'll abandon my phone for days. :DD My Cecelia Ahern collection is almost done just left three more novels LOL oh2, I also bought a comic. And ESCAPING DADDY. LOL. when my dad saw this book, for sure he nearly had a heart attack xD hahaha WHAT. that book is not about how to escape from him, :P it's about a girl who was destined by her father to become a prostitute, haiz :'( REAL STORY SOME MORE T.T

Oh so anyways, since we over-shooted our budget, we got two free gifts :D YAY MORE BOOKS. but the books that came for free are really lame how to be an ah lian little kid book == Okey la, nevermind, I be grateful and appreciate. Anyways, those two books are HOW TO BE A PRINCESS IN 7 DAYS OR LESS and HOW TO BE A STAR IN 7 DAYS OR LESS. lolol. what are they trying to do with our generation of kids D: no wonder now the population of ah lians has grown *face palm*

See, Princess rules :') LOL. rule #1, A princess can never have to many beautiful clothes or shoes. Noted. and I really loved number 7 :) Someday your prince come - Believe me. :)

These are the star rules :PP number 7 is always the best. and I like number 8 too. FYI, my favourite number is number 7 :') have always been lucky with it.

I read finish both books. and I'm ready! :D Tiara from Princess, and pinkGlasses from star. :PP I'm ready to be  an ah lian Princess Star! see my ah lian pose due to reading the ah lian books. :D 

A message I want to share to kids who read those books; Nobody is perfect. And no, you can't be a princess nor a star just by following what you read in those books. Because nothing come that easy. Just believe in yourself, and you know you can achieve what you put your hands on. But then, the rules at the end page of the book, is really helpful. errr some of it :) 


Anyways, enough of all the criticism. I want to help promote something. :D YAY FOOD.

Mee/kueh tiaw goreng, the tastiest one. :) I've never tasted noodles so nice in my entire life ;) AND CHEAP AND AWESOME AND A LOT. see now I'm hungry again =.= 

And if you're in Kuching or happen to be, just find this store in Siang-Siang corner, Tabuan Jaya. King Cha Kueh :D I used to chat with the owners back when I was working at a supermarket around that area. even though time has pass, it's good to know, they still remember me :')


Since I deliberately use myself to as pose an ah lian so Here's Ah Beng :D

Moral-of-the-story; Once you grown up and seen the world, you'll know there's no such thing as Fairy Tales.


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