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  Pasta Korean Drama 2010
Posted at 6/12/2011 06:54:00 PM

Just a few minutes ago, I watched the last episode of Pasta online at
The ending, ended with the most beautiful kiss I've ever seen, and it got me thinking, when I will be able to feel love once again.
I've certainly have fell in love with Seo Yoo Kyung(Kong Hyo Jin) and Choi Hyun Wook(Lee Seon Gyoon) characters. They both look so cute together. 

I know some of you might say that I'm overeating cause there's no such thing as Fairytales. Disney influence me real hard right from when I was a little girl. Anyways, there is a possibility of everything :)
Furthermore this is just a drama, and there is no use of me to get over-dramatic. well, that's just me, Drama Queen :)

The story starts the moment when by fate Yoo Kyung met Choi Hyun Wook at the traffic light. and it ended at the traffic light too. Honestly, the first few chapters are boring, even I felt like no energy watching it. But it gets good when I reached episode 10 and above cause that's when Choi Hyun Wook and Yoo Kyung starts to fall in love with each other. 
In the beginning Chef Choi acts as a very strict and no love in the kitchen nor woman. and he keep on firing Yoo Kyung but she never budge, she didn't give-up to work as a chef. :)

I personally love it whenever they two get together after work because they always manage to catch my heart with the words they used and how they react with each other. 

Strongly recommend you guys to watch this :)
Rate 7/10 throughout and for the ending 10/10.


Moral-of-the-story; Never give-up no matter what. 


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