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Posted at 6/14/2011 06:45:00 PM

Happy 27th Anniversary to my parents. :)
We celebrated it by going out for a steamboat with the whole family. Including my big brother. Usually it would be without him as he's currently working in KL :|
But this year was different. 

I remembered last year, while I was still working at Bata, around yesterday time, I lied to my dad saying that somebody gave me 2 tickets to watch Karate Kid. and he was like being the typical asian dad saying that he doesn't wants to. LOL. so I had to forced him out and finally he brought my mum to watch it. :)
YAY I'm an awesome daughter :D *puji diri*


This few days I'm not feeling myself. Some of you may say that I sound the same when you see me face to face. But I'm not honestly. My friends even said that, my type of human, "happy-go-lucky" don't get emo because they expect us "types" to sound happy everyday.
And I tell you it's all lies! When I'm alone, I would normally put on some music using my phone while texting. YES IT DRAINS DOWN MY BATTERY LIKE SUPER FAST BUT I DON'T CARE AND I'M LIKE WASTING ENERGY. And then, while waiting for my friends to reply, I'll stare at empty spaces. My head will wander round. 
At that very moment I'll get emo for no reason. That's what's been happening this few days. 

Is it possible to push away the past from coming back to the future? 

I'm starting to push people again :') 


HE asked me whether everytime I said ILY was only to cheer him up. And I couldn't answer that question. I really couldn't. I'm sorry. :'(
But I really do Love him. I just need to find it. 
He asked me why was I being sorry?
I said,

Because I know I hurt you and you'll still forgive me for whatever.

I am not emo. I'm positive I'm happy. I'm walking God's way. And only through Him, my burden will be taken away. YOU KNOW WHAT AM I GOING TO DO NEXT? I am soo reading the Bible about love and friendships. :) 

Current addiction: Dance Dance Revolution, PS2 game :)

Moral-of-the-story; Believe in Him, and you'll find the answer to every question.

Bai Baby 

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